16 People Looking Identical To Popular Cartoon Characters

Cartoon characters

Often times ordinary people are found resembling celebrities, but it is pretty rare for everyday people to look like famous cartoon characters.

Some of the cartoon characters these people look like are:

  • Ned Flanders
  • Woody from Toy Story

Some of these people look exactly like the famous cartoon characters, while others just slightly resemble them.

You can tell by looking at the person next to a picture of the cartoon character who they are supposed to be.

Check out these 16 people who look exactly like famous cartoon characters.

1. Remember the adorable and grumpy old man in the movie ‘Up?’ This man looks like the real-life version; they have the same face and even the same glasses.


2. If you are a fan of The Simpsons, you will be able to guess who this man looks like. He looks exactly like Homer and Marge’s religious neighbor Ned Flanders. It is clear he is trying to be his twin with the hair, glasses, and outfit, and he looks identical to him.

3. This little boy looks so much like the little boy named Russell in the movie ‘Up.’ When he wears the boy scout uniform, he looks exactly like him.

4. This boy definitely resembles Bobby Hill from ‘King of the Hill.’ It’s crazy how a human can have the exact same face as a cartoon, but this boy does. He also has a buzzcut to make him look even more like the character.

5. This next one is hilarious. The blue character on Sesame Street, whose name is Mr. Johnson, strikes a crazy resemblance to the TV personality Dr. Phil. If the character can give out marital advice, he could be Dr. Phil’s stand-in.

6. If you’ve ever wondered what a real-life version of Montgomery Burns from The Simpsons would look like, look no further!


7. Consuela is the hilarious cleaning lady on ‘Family Guy.’ This woman looks like her real-life doppelganger with a haircut and glasses.

8. Eric Cartman is one of the boys in ‘South Park,’ and he’s got a bit of an attitude. He’s always wearing the same outfit, and this guy on the bus looks exactly like him in the same clothes.

9. This guy was also on the bus, and he strikes an incredible resemblance to the comic book guy on The Simpsons. He just needs a goatee, and then he would be identical to the cartoon.

10. Boo is the adorable little girl from ‘Monster’s Inc.’ This little girl dressed up like her with a pink shirt and her hair in pigtails. She has huge eyes like Boo does, and they look identical.

11. This adorable little girl is obviously a fan of ‘Dora the Explorer.’ She’s wearing a Dora shirt and the same outfit as the character. They have similar faces as well.


12. Linda Belcher is the tall, lanky lady on ‘Bob’s Burgers.’ This lady looks like the real version of the character. She even has flipped-out hair and the same color glasses and shirt.

13. Linguini is the clueless chef in the adorable movie ‘Ratatouille.’ This guy is holding a picture of the character beside him, and you can see how much they look alike.

14. This guy’s high school yearbook photo looks exactly like Peter Griffin from ‘Family Guy.’ It isn’t just the haircut and the glasses; they actually have the same face.

15. This girl is making the same face as this character. With a smile and sleepy eyes, they look like twins.

16. Woody is the hilarious and sarcastic character voiced by Tom Hanks in the 'Toy Story' movies. This guy looks so much like him with a long face and wide eyes.

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