16 Animals With Striking Resemblances to Celebrities

16 Animals With Striking Resemblances to Celebrities

There are so many people who would do anything to look like their beloved celebrity. If you happen to prefer the appearance of a larger behind or plump lips, all you have to do is schedule an appointment and spend some cash. In the past, we’ve seen people spend thousands of dollars to look like:

  • Justin Bieber
  • David Beckham
  • Kim Kardashian

Unfortunately, even after all of the operations, it’s hard to look EXACTLY like your idol. But humans aren’t the only species that resemble the stars in Hollywood.

There are animals out there that have a striking resemblance to quite a few famous faces in the entertainment industry.

Here are 16 animals who look just like celebrities:

1. This dog looks just like the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin! The eyes and the nose are practically the same.

2. It seems like dogs, in general, just have a lot of human characteristics. The wideset eyes and angry look on that dog’s face are identical to the one on Samuel L. Jackson.

3. If you’re a fan of Jenna Mourey’s YouTube channel, then you are probably familiar with her dog, Mr. Marbles. He looks just like Snoop Dogg!

4. Does every celebrity have a dog doppelganger?! The bright blue eyes on this canine are very similar to John Travolta’s baby blues.

5. Richard Branson has some pretty iconic white hair, so it’s pretty cool to see that this dog has a very similar look going on.

6. Throwback to when Ron Perlman had brown hair. His locks totally match the fur of this cute, furry little guy.

7. But Perlman isn’t the only one with some iconic hair. Donald Trump’s hair is definitely a part of the political candidates' staple look. And it looks like this caterpillar is going for the same style.

8. Although Taylor Lautner may have played a werewolf in the ‘Twilight’ series, the guy kind of looks like this adorable alpaca.

9. What a coincidence! This happy little llama actually looks like the Dalai Lama! The two have matching eyes and smiles.

10. The Lesula monkey has some pretty nice eyes and a long nose that resembles American actor Adrien Brody.

11. The dog looks like a regular old golden retriever, which just so happens to look like Harrison Ford! The two even have the same smirk going on.

12. Although the frog doesn’t really have the same face as the Queen of Pop, the two do have the same legs.

13. It’s always hilarious seeing dogs with funny facial expressions. This puppy’s disappointed look is exactly the same as Peyton Manning’s.

14. Leonardo DiCaprio has become a meme after he was caught strutting around with a happy look on his face. And it looks like this kitty has taken some tips from the Academy Award-winning actor.

15. This alpaca and Rihanna are both rocking this crazy awesome hairstyle. Yas, queen. Work it, girl!

16. Animals may not have eyebrows, but sometimes, they have some pretty cool fur designs. This cat has some awesome bold ‘brows’ just like Eugene Levy.

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