Decoding and Understanding PTT-6: CALECIM®'s Proprietary Active Stem Cell Ingredient

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The skincare industry is a constantly evolving landscape driven by innovation that seeks to understand and wield biocellular properties advantageously in the name of skin health and aesthetics. The advancements of stem cell science stand out in particular when utilized effectively in a brand like CALECIM®. At its core, their skincare solutions have PTT-6®, a proprietary active stem cell ingredient developed after years of research by their parent company, CellResearch Corporation.

Culminating from two decades of expertise and experimentation, PTT-6®, a protein-rich, ethically-sourced stem cell formula, is CALECIM®’s star ingredient. The goal of its application is to rejuvenate the skin and enhance repair functions within the dermis layers, resulting in more youthful behavior and appearance of the skin by stimulating its renewal through skin-building proteins like growth factors, nutrients, and exosomes for skin care

It’s powerful enough to interrupt and influence the natural aging process and works behind the scenes to restore the skin’s texture, firmness, and elasticity. As the skin layer on the scalp has been known to hold comparable absorption properties to the rest of the body, the ingredient has the potential to play a significant role in scalp health and subsequently hair growth as well.

Within the skin, stem cells are crucial for cell repair, growth, and replacement of old or damaged ones, and as the body ages, it’s only natural for the activity of stem cells to slow down and their numbers to deplete. This would obviously negatively impact the quality with which the skin restores itself over time, weakening its capability to defend itself against environmental damage and other aging effects. For example, skin that is older experiences a slowdown in epidermal cell turnover from 28 days to 40 days or more, limiting the production of glycoproteins to insufficient levels that would cause the skin to sag more. The hydration levels are also affected as the cells’ water retention abilities shrink, resulting in pigmentation. 

As a solution to this, CALECIM®’s PTT-6® ingredient contains over 3,000 active growth factors, cytokines, and concentrated amounts of exosomes in just one milliliter, all of which are designed to trigger the production of structural proteins, boost cell turnover and renewal, and target skin laxity, dryness and pigmentation. To further understand the purposes that these stem cells serve in PTT-6®, let’s break them down:

  • Growth factors are polypeptides and proteins that generate naturally, produced by cells like fibroblasts, keratinocytes, and melanocytes. They work to boost growth, healing, and regeneration in living tissues and are especially important in the cellular process of wound healing and skin repair.
  • Cytokines are the proteins that oversee and regulate the body’s immune system and skin repair, and have specialized functions in cell-to-cell interaction and signaling. They can also support cell growth as well, though they are not classified as growth factors themselves. To achieve a state where skin repair can be successfully carried out, there must be a balance between the functions of multiple growth factors and cytokines at work.
  • Exosomes are small, extracellular vesicles found in mammalian cells that contain the proteins, growth factors, and genetic information like RNA and DNA, and like cytokines, they are also involved in cell communication. As a result, they are often considered a breakthrough piece in regenerative medicine and skincare, which is evident in how much of a key player they are in the PTT-6® ingredient.

Beyond skincare, the PTT-6® ingredient is similarly harnessed in instances of hair loss as well, with the potent blend using the same heavily beneficial properties to stimulate hair growth on the scalp and help to fight off the drastic effects that cause hair loss. The pro-inflammatory cytokines behind the condition can be successfully suppressed when the PTT-6®-rich solution, a stem cell serum for hair growth, is applied, thus reversing disrupted hair follicle activity and allowing the hair growth cycle to start fresh. 

When observed in in-vitro testing, PTT-6® was able to prove its effectiveness and high-quality applications, backed with scientific evidence and the visible results on the skin. In clinical trials of CALECIM®’s products, the thickening of the dermis was measured to its exact extent before and after applying the active ingredient, successfully attesting to signs of restored cell vitality and an overall enhancement. Patients were observed and recorded to have developed firmer skin and touted a visible lifting effect. Evidence from laboratory-based testing has also shown how skin cells multiply and generate at a faster rate when affected by CALECIM®’s PTT-6®, which further speaks to an augmented turnover rate for the cells and improved overall radiance and aesthetic glow as the newer cells surface and replace the old and impaired ones.

In conclusion, the revolutionary blend of exosomes, growth factors, and cytokines that are the driving force behind the success of CALECIM® Professional’s product lines holds enormous potential to transform aesthetic skin and hair care. As consumers become more informed and seek out the most optimal solutions to solve their problems and address various skin conditions, the source and benefits that these ingredients provide are important elements to stand behind. 

With a strong foundation in stem cell science and innovative formulations like the active ingredient PTT-6®, CALECIM® has set a new standard in supporting, enhancing and maintaining thriving and invigorated skin health and appearance. 

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