Every Person Grieves Differently, So Please Don’t Judge How They Choose To Deal With Their Pain

Grief People

We all grieve differently. No two people deal with pain and suffering in the same way. And there is no right way to grieve. Every person’s path is different, and so is their suffering.

When someone is experiencing loss, some people choose to empathize with them, while others get angered and triggered because their pain somehow reminds them of their own.

There is no person who grieves differently. Some people cry loudly, with tears streaming down their faces, while others’ quiet cries can move mountains.

Some people crave connection, and they grieve through talking with friends or strangers, sharing photos of those they love, going to places that remind them of the times they were happy and with the person who they’ve lost…

Some people grieve with rage and anger. They let it all out – all the sadness, all the devastation, all the rage, all the grief of losing someone who meant the world to them.

On the contrary, there are people who choose not to let their sadness stand in the way of doing what’s right. So, they open fundraisers; they donate to those who need it in the name of the person they loved and lost. They turn their loss into many happy faces.


When these two types of people meet, either they accept each other’s pain and way of dealing with it, or they start judging and criticizing the other person’s way of grieving. But that’s wrong.

Everyone has their own way of grieving. And no one has the right to judge how someone chooses to deal with their hurt.

Remember this anytime you see a person and think that their quietness or loudness means they don’t care.

Every person is different, and so is their pain. And every person finds their own unique way of getting over the loss they’ve experienced.

We all lose people dear to us sooner or later. We all carry wounds inside. We all mourn. We all have stories that we don’t tell anyone.

help each other

Let’s be more compassionate and gentle with each other. Let’s help one another instead of judging and criticizing.

Let’s spread love and support each other instead of bringing each other down.

We are all human, and we all need a kind word and someone who understands.

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