10 Features On Everyday Things And Their True Purpose

10 Features On Everyday Things And Their True Purpose

Unless you’re irrationally inquisitive, there are a number of features on things that you use every day that you probably never even noticed, and a lot of them actually make a ton of sense.

1. This can include things like small holes, indentations, bumps and more. Little did you know, these features have been subtly offering us life hacks this entire time, but none of us noticed. Time to start using things the way they were intended to be used! You may never really know the true purpose of a lot of every little thing in your life, but here are 16 of them that you might like, and the first one might actually blow your mind. Unless you are one of those cap-hungry few who let your teeth mutilate pen tops, you’ve probably noticed the hole at the end of almost every single pen you have ever used in your life. Contrary to popular belief, the hole in the cap is not actually placed there to keep your pen from drying out. There’s actually a very important reason that the hole is there. The hole is there so that there’s lower risk of suffocation if a small child a (or nervous adult) ends up choking on the cap.

2. Have you ever sat and wondered why on earth all of your pots have mysterious holes at the end of the handle? Well, there’s a reason for those random holes in your pots, and it’s not only to hang them. The hole is also there to hold that messy spoon while you’re cooking up a storm.

3. Did you know that those little discs under the lids of plastic bottles are actually there for a reason? No, it’s not for you to uncover a hidden message or secret prize, but it’s actually to help keep everything in the bottle. The disc maintains the liquid and carbonation. Without it, soda would quickly go flat.

4. You may or may not have noticed that some lids on various containers have little spikes inside of them. The reason for this is so you can get through those tiny protective foils easier. All you have to do is unscrew the lid, flip it, and push on through! Bada bing, bada boom!

5. What on earth are those little bumps protruding out of only the ‘F’ and ‘J’ keys on a keyboard? Well, here’s the reason: In 10-finger typing, these bumps indicate where your index fingers rest and help you find your way back to the home position without having to glance down from the screen.

6. Are you curious as to what on earth the purpose is of those little wings on an Apple power cable? Well, they actually flip up so that you can wrap the thinner part of the cable cord around the wings and secure it from unraveling. A-ha! The more you know, right?

7. Tic Tacs…they’re small, handy, and actually kind of addictive if you’re a sweets lover like I am. For those of us who don’t eat them like chips, the indentation on the flip lid of Tic Tacs is actually there as a dispenser so you can eat one at a time.

8. In case you didn’t know, that hole in the bottom of padlocks serves a purpose that may surprise you quite a bit. The hole is actually there to allow water to drain out of the lock when being used outdoors and also can also be used to oil the lock for better performance.

9. If you’re like me and pull up to the wrong side of your car nearly every time you go to pump your gas, this little tidbit of information will be music to your ears. That little arrow beside the gas gauge on your dashboard is there to tell you which side of the car the gas tank is on.

10. The hole in pasta spoons is not only there to strain the noodles and let water drain out, it’s also used to indicate the size of one person’s portion of spaghetti. Just cram in as many noodles as you can fit into the hole before cooking and you’ll have the perfect portion size for one!

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