16 Rick Grimes Dad Jokes Which Are Bad But Hilarious

Rick Grimes Dad Jokes Which Are Bad But Hilarious

So many viewers are familiar by now with how extreme the zombie apocalypse can become in the popular AMC show The Walking Dead. The show is not a comedy at all, and its most unforgettable moments are usually tragic and traumatizing deaths. They include the deaths of:

  • Glenn
  • Lori
  • Shane

This is why the Rick Grimes jokes came as a relief to fans of the show. It gave them all a reason to kick back, put together a few screenshots, and come up with some hilarious captions and dad jokes.

Here’s a list of some of the Rick Grimes dad jokes that are so bad that they’re funny, curated from all around the internet:

Rick explains why Barbie never gets pregnant. We’ve all asked ourselves this question at least once. Thankfully, Rick is here to help us with an answer.

Rick is dead inside, and he wants Carl to know why.

There’s no joke too low for Rick, not even an old-school pirate pun.

Speaking of puns, here’s a double-whammy featuring Carl’s unfortunate nickname, Coral.

Rick makes a dated musical reference. It’s hard not to sing along!

Here’s a pun wrapped up in a joke about one of the most tragic moments in the show. Good work, Walking Dead fans!

Poor Carl, he can’t even get into a serious conversation with serial Dad Joker Rick.

Someone had a little too much fun with Photoshop and making a joke about shoes “laced" with drugs.

Here’s a double joke. We can say we didn’t see that one coming, and probably neither did Carl.

Food shortage is another stressful reality in the zombie-infected apocalypse. It’s only natural that Rick would lighten the mood with a sandwich joke.

Naturally, Rick makes a lot of jokes about Carl’s nickname, Coral, including fish jokes.

Here’s a classic dentist joke, made even more hilarious by the format of this meme.

And finally, it seems that Rick can’t help but feel inspired by the name Coral. Here’s another joke about the sea.

Rick gets cheesy with a pizza joke.

There are no shoe stores after the zombie apocalypse, so we can feel Carl’s frustration with this one.

Rick explains some basic anatomy and measurements all in one joke.

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