The Mountain Shared His Thoughts About Being Punched By Conor McGregor


If Hafthor Julius Bjornsson is not crushing skulls while playing ‘The Mountain’ on Game of Thrones, he is breaking world records as a famed strongman. The Internet went crazy last year over a video in which the Mountain was sparring with UFC fighter Conor McGregor. After the fight went viral, Bjornsson broke his silence about the match.

In this video, the two can be seen engaging in a friendly sparring match inside a training center. At first, McGregor seems to dominate, hitting the Game of Thrones star with a series of quick kicks and hits until he seemingly submits.

However, the Game of Thrones actor has shared his thoughts on the fight. In an interview with GQ about the match, he revealed something completely unexpected. He admitted he was concerned about jeopardizing the UFC featherweight champion’s career. ‘He was trying to punch me. I didn’t feel anything, he said.

‘He believes he won it. He didn’t know that I was taking it easy on him because he had a fight, and I didn’t want to break him before the fight. He’s worked too much, so I didn’t want to break him.’

But McGregor has a different take on how it all went down, saying, ‘That is a big man, 6’9, 400 pounds, and I still fouled him up’.
He also said that Hafthor was trying much more than he was willing to admit. ‘He was trying to hit me as well; people are saying he was taking it easy; he tried to grab me.’

The Mountain also talked to the magazine about his fitness regimen and love of basketball, saying that he aims to add strength to his body rather than size.

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