All This Time You Were Tying Your Hair The Wrong Way And Here Is How To Do It Right Now


The simplest type of hairstyle is definitely the ponytail. And even though it is quite a simple style, it can definitely be improved.

Relaxed, ruffled styles are equally popular, and there’s no harm in appearing like you just got up from bed, but should you desire a more classic look, then consider:

  • The shape of the underside of your ponytail.
  • Controlling flyaways!

The ponytail has been a popular hairstyle for thousands of years. It’s unisex and named after the fact that it resembles the undocked tail of a horse or pony.

The ‘ponytail’ has been in the American vernacular since 1951 and is considered a suitable hairstyle for all occasions, including work, school, gym, shopping, etc. For a more classic ponytail, try following these steps.

The classic ponytail doesn’t have the typical sag you may see underneath many ponytails.

1. Start by dividing your hair into two equal parts, the top half and bottom half, and ensure they remain separate.

2. Using clips, tie the top half up and tie the bottom into a ponytail.

3. Make the ponytail high and make sure there are no stray hairs poking out or loose anywhere.

4. Now split your ponytail in half and clip the upper portion of your ponytail to the loose hair that’s above.

5. Brush out the upper portion of the hair that’s not in a ponytail.

6. Finally, tie it all into one ponytail. You’ll notice the difference in how beautiful and classic your ponytail appears without the sag that’s inevitable when the ponytail has too much weight.

Splitting the weight up to create your ponytail is effective for reducing the sag beneath a ponytail and also for a more sophisticated look.

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