10 Effective Tips For Manipulating A Manipulator

Manipulating A Manipulator

Manipulators have a way of making us feel insignificant, helpless, and trapped in a never-ending cycle. Fortunately, there are strategies to turn the tables and regain control. By outwitting the manipulator, you'll strip away the sources that feed their superficial ego - attention, power, and control. Here are ten effective tactics to outsmart the manipulators in your life.

1. Understand The Manipulator's Patterns

Manipulators often believe they are the smartest individuals, but the truth is that they can be easily manipulated by people who can identify their tactics and motivations. In this scenario, that someone is you. It is crucial to pay close attention to their patterns, including their words and actions. Take note of how their behavior impacts your emotions. Do you feel worthless and ashamed, or even question your sanity?

To combat these negative feelings, focus on building your emotional resilience. By becoming stronger and more confident, you will effectively get under their skin. The more resilient you become to their lies, deceit, and power plays, the less their actions will affect you. Trust me, they will absolutely despise it.

2. Be Assertive

Sometimes, simply disengaging or distancing yourself from the manipulator doesn't give you the upper hand. There are situations when you need to stand up for yourself. Asserting yourself by speaking up and using "I" statements to express your views respectfully can be a powerful way to communicate. Being assertive allows you to draw the line and express yourself without being aggressive.

It's important to remember that some manipulators may interpret your assertiveness as a sign that they're getting to you. They might even escalate their tactics to regain control or try to drag you into conflict. If being assertive doesn't work, there are still other effective strategies you can try, such as 'grey rocking' or simply ignoring them.

3. Control Your Emotions

The more you reveal your emotions, the more susceptible you become to enduring emotional manipulation from toxic individuals. Manipulators rely on your emotional involvement for their strategies to be effective. The stronger your reaction, the more they will intensify their attacks. Therefore, you should start concealing your emotions so that they will have nothing to exploit. Eventually, they will perceive you as an unsuitable target for manipulation. This is how you can manipulate a manipulator and earn their respect.

4. Refute Their Tactics With Logic

Narcissistic manipulators can be incredibly irritating to deal with. It's almost impossible not to react when they start spewing their nonsense. However, giving them a reaction only fuels their need for attention and strokes their fragile ego. If you continue to fall into their trap, hitting them back with logic will completely throw them off balance.

For instance, if a manipulator is attempting to make you feel worthless, take a moment to figure out what their end goal is. The more you point out the flaws in their reasoning, the more foolish they'll feel. Eventually, they'll have no choice but to stop trying to deceive you.

Control Your Emotions

5. Don't Give Them Attention

Narcissistic manipulators are always seeking attention and think they deserve to be worshipped. They will go to great lengths to be noticed, even if it means causing drama or faking being hurt. However, you can turn the tables by simply withdrawing the attention you give them.

Gray rocking is a clever and powerful strategy to keep manipulators at bay. By not engaging, responding, or showing any interest, you become like a boring gray rock to them. Eventually, they will grow tired and move on to find someone else to take advantage of.

6. Set Boundaries

As you master the art of outmaneuvering manipulators, you'll find it effortless to keep them at a distance by setting clear boundaries. Controllers despise boundaries, but they absolutely detest it when you disrupt theirs. Shift the balance in your favor by establishing rules to limit their behavior towards you.

Make it known when they've overstepped the line and make them aware of the consequences. The individual might attempt new or more forceful manipulative strategies to dismantle your defenses. Counter their endeavors by fortifying your boundaries.

7. Don’t Apologize

It’s important to recognize that manipulators in your life may try to blame you for their bad behavior, making you feel guilty or ashamed. However, don't fall for their tricks and apologize when you've done nothing wrong. Not only will it make you feel bad about yourself, but it also allows them to continue their harmful actions. Taking responsibility for our mistakes shows maturity, something that manipulative individuals often lack. They don't understand the importance of owning up to hurting others.

8. Use Fogging

Narcissists and other manipulative individuals love to provoke arguments. They'll throw out false statements, things you won't agree with, or even criticize you. But here's a trick: try fogging. Start by acknowledging anything that's true and then swiftly shift the conversation. For example, you could say, "You've got a point there." Then, throw them off guard by asking something unrelated or giving them a compliment to divert their attention.

9. Respond Slowly

Take control of the situation by taking your time to respond to the manipulator's requests. If they are asking you to do something that makes you uncomfortable, simply say, "I'll get back to you later," without specifying when. Manipulators despise being put on hold and left in limbo. By delaying your response, you'll have the opportunity to carefully consider their demands.

10. Learn To Say No

Saying no is a straightforward and impactful response. It conveys a clear message that you won't succumb to their demands. Firmly say "no" and stand your ground. These people don't care about your well-being or emotions. Saying no asserts your authority and shows them that you're not easily fooled. It also establishes boundaries and shields you from manipulative mind games.

Final Thoughts

Toxic behaviors are an inherent part of any manipulator’s character. You might have to consistently practice your defense strategies for them to be effective. And before you try to outmaneuver a manipulator, make sure it's safe to do so. Take the time to ensure you're in a mentally, emotionally, and physically secure place where their reactions won't have a negative impact on you.

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