The World Is Utterly Obsessed With This Woman's Feet For A Specific Reason

Woman's Feet

As soon as photos were posted on the Chinese-based blog Dcar, the world became utterly obsessed with the strange-looking toes of this woman. You probably ask why. Well, because this woman happens to have unusually long toes.

‘Since my childhood, I have always drawn attention whenever I wear flip-flops,’ she wrote. ‘People would surround me and discuss me as if I were an animal.’

According to People’s Daily Online, the woman is reported to be a university student from Taiwan, and the type of foot that she has is called the ‘Greek foot.’

She is said to be 4ft 11in (151 cm). Her height makes it even more unusual for her to have such big toes.

long toe

Because of her unusually long toes, she’s suffered bullying most of her life. In the blog, she complains that people have even asked her to ‘use her ‘four hands’ to climb a tree.’

It seems that this type of foot is hereditary, as she explained that both of her parents have long toes. In fact, when she was young, she thought her toes were completely normal.

‘When I first saw other people’s toes, I thought, ‘How come their toes are so short?’

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