Martial Arts Expert Discloses Secrets Of Self-Defense And Survival


When faced with a knife attack and defending yourself from it, how you respond to the attack at that moment could save your life. This is undoubtedly a situation that nobody wants to experience, but if it were to happen, would you know how to react?

Martial arts expert Dalia Terret has been studying the craft for more than 35 years and has experience teaching Judo, kickboxing, and Jiu Jitsu. Terret shares her knowledge of martial arts by teaching lifesaving self-defense techniques.

In an instructional video, Dalia shows two simple moves that could potentially save your life in a knife attack. ‘The most important thing to remember in all of this is avoidance,’ says Terret. ‘These techniques must only be used if a victim finds themselves in imminent danger with nowhere to run.’

Dalia demonstrates the moves that involve evading the weapon as an attacker lunges toward you. The two techniques show how to safely step out of harm’s way and disable the attacker from continuing to strike.

Dalia Terret has taught the Metropolitan Police lifesaving self-defense techniques as well as classes at KB Fitness in Euston, London. The martial artist revealed that her technique had been successfully used in real life by one of her students who was being mugged.

While learning the techniques by watching them is one step, Dalia stresses the importance of physically practicing them.

Dalia explains, ‘You can learn these techniques by watching the video, but you must practice the movements so that should the situation arise, the correct response becomes a natural reaction.’

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