McDonald's Family Box: A Perfect Meal For The Whole Family

McDonald's Family Box: A Perfect Meal For The Whole Family

For most Americans, McDonald’s is more than just a fast-food restaurant - it is home to our precious childhood memories. Whether your first visit was during a happy day with your parents or at a friend’s birthday party, the thought of taking yummy bites of McDonald’s burgers, some fries, and a refreshing Soft Serve probably takes you back to your most careless days. So, let’s see what this iconic restaurant offers nowadays.

What Is In The McDonald’s Family Box?  

Any day can turn into a special family day if you get together with your loved ones and enjoy a McDonald’s family box. McDonald’s is the perfect place to spend a joyful day with family or friends. You can also throw a fun party for your birthday or celebrate another special occasion, treat your friends to a yummy meal with your first salary, or gather with colleagues to chat about life. 

Bonding with your loved ones over delicious food is always a great idea. McDonald’s offers diverse options for burgers, desserts, and beverages catering to your unique tastes. With the Happy Meal offer, you can choose from various menu favorites that will indeed make your tummy happy.

The McDonald’s family box includes some classics and some equally mouthwatering new specialties, including McChicken Burger, McVeggie Burger, Filet-O-Fish Burger, Maharaja Mac Burger, McAloo Tikki Burger, Triple Cheese American Burger, Cheese Lava American Burger, and McSpicy Premium Burger. Any family meal can turn into a happy one by ordering your favorite sides, such as Cheesy Nuggets, McDonald’s Wedges, Classic Corn Cups, and Crinkle Fries. 

With the McSaver Meal options, you can add even more happiness to your yummy family box. For instance, you can choose from several beverages to complement your meal and then end the meal with an exquisite McDonald’s dessert, such as the all-time favorite Soft Serve and McFlurry Oreo.

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How Do I Order A Family Box On The MyMacca’s App?    

McDonald’s family meals are now available at your fingertips with the MyMacca’s Mobile Ordering app. By downloading this app, you can order a delicious meal with a few scrolls on your mobile phone. Just browse the app menu and find your nearby restaurant, then save your favorite orders and browse for MyMacca’s rewards. In addition, this mobile ordering app offers you 100% secure payment processing and access to your order history.

Go to the menu and type the food item name or keyword you are looking for into the Search bar at the top of the page. The MyMacca’s app menu contains all the McClassics® together with the most beloved side treats, snacks, and desserts. McDonald’s constantly works on adding more items to the mobile ordering menu, so you should keep an eye on the app.

You can order only one single item from the menu or order a full meal for your family or friends - it’s all up to you, your special occasion, or your level of hunger. On the product display page, you can select one of the three meal options - small, medium, or large meal. Furthermore, you can click the “Make it a Meal” button while viewing the Cart containing your ordered items, which will take you back to the product display page and allow you to select your preferred meal size.


What Is A McDonald's Bundle Box?  

McDonald’s Bundle Box meals are a cost-saving option for customers that includes additional items like drinks and fries. This boxed form of multi-person meal used to be more common in the pizza industry than in burger restaurants. 

McDonald’s first tried this concept in 2010 by introducing Dinner Boxes in Australian restaurants. Since then, they spread this idea to most European markets. For example, Austrian McDonald’s restaurant offers multi-person Chicken Boxes with chicken wings and McNuggets.

One of the most popular bundle box meals for the whole family is the Family McFavourites Bundle, which costs $27.95. This package includes four big burgers, chicken ‘n’ cheese, and McChicken. Alternatively, you can order a smaller, $15 bundle box containing two burgers, two fries, and chicken McNuggets.



McDonald’s is one of the most delicious options for a happy day of family bonding. If you want to stay indoors and enjoy a yummy meal in the comfort of your home, just use the MyMacca’s app or the McDelivery website.

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