24 Most Humiliating Moments Ever Photographed


We all have some embarrassing photos of us that we try to hide somehow. Unfortunately, for some people who had no control over their humiliating photos, the odds are high that they would get embarrassed all over the Internet and be reminded of those moments every year for their birthday.

While we might not get the same satisfaction that others do when looking at photographic evidence of our shame, it’s undeniably entertaining to look at other people’s cringe-inducing collections. Not only did these mortifying photos end up on the Internet, they ended up going viral. If you thought you had a bad picture, take a gander at these 24 embarrassing pictures, and you’ll be happy that you’re not in any of them.

1. This permanent embarrassment goes way beyond one picture. You have to wonder if the tattoo artist who did this is also illiterate or just incredibly cruel. Considering the number of people that this tattoo most likely was seen by (including the person who took this picture), one can only imagine the moment of disappointment when someone finally told this mommy’s boy that he misspelled two of five words inked into his forearm.

2. When you run a marathon, you want the world to see you in all of your fitness glory. The joy of passing the finish line wouldn’t be nearly as satisfying unless there were a sea of people watching and cheering you on. Unfortunately for this guy, all of his training has quite literally gone to, well, you know. There’s really not much you can do in this situation except to keep running and really never stop until you find a deserted location where you can start over anew.

3. When it comes to party pictures, you’re bound to catch an embarrassing shot of at least one person who let themselves get a little too loose on the dance floor. However, to capture such an unflattering picture of three different people at once is a true achievement in nightclub photography.

party pictures funny

4. There are the type of people who will try to halt a good time by saying things like “You’re too big for that,” but then there are those who see it as a challenge. This girl clearly did not anticipate that her attempt to grasp onto a diminishing childhood would result in a permanent plastic diaper of shame.

5. There’s a certain level of narcissism involved in taking a purposely seductive posed-time photo of yourself. However, the narcissism becomes much more evident when you realize that this person was so busy focusing on themselves that they didn’t notice there was a fly trap in the frame boasting a graveyard of insect corpses.

6. One would imagine that the objective here was to capture some sort of action shot of either a handstand, cartwheel or some other athletic feat. Unfortunately for this girl, not only did she have one painful mishap mid-attempt, but the photographic evidence captures the peak moment of pain. She may recover from this fall, but the memory will live on forever.

7. You have to wonder just how long this woman stood there until she realized that she was waiting behind mannequins. The number of people she probably thought were cutting her off while she patiently waited behind her fellow static queuers should have tipped her off. Little did she know, her moment of shame would soon become an Internet favorite.

8. Not everyone feels the need to look at themselves in the mirror before leaving the house. What could the front of this shirt possibly look like if she isn’t aware she’s wearing it comfort-wise or purely from others’ reactions? Maybe she knows exactly what she’s doing and just was seeking a little extra shoulder blade padding?

9. There was definitely enough time here for whoever took this picture to give a vocal warning to this woman. Unfortunately for her, this person decided to grab a picture instead, and now her relaxing day at the beach is going to come with a rude awakening. Let’s just hope that water is nearby.

10. You have to be pretty out of it not to realize you’re kissing a mask planted on the back of someone’s head. Maybe this is just this girl’s technique when she wants to bail out of an unexpected smooch. Unfortunately for this guy, his passionate moment was captured on camera and will probably forever haunt him.

kissing a mask

11. It’s a pretty bold move to straight-up steal one of your friend’s pictures and try to pass it off as your own. Hopefully, this guy at least went or has been to The Grand Canyon. However, it’s a questionable move all around. Did he not anticipate this guy seeing his profile picture? Does he not have close friends and family that would have known if he’d been to the Grand Canyon?

12. The illusion of being sun-kissed is pretty much shattered when it looks like your legs are crying. This is probably the last time this woman will opt for the cheaper alternative. You have to wonder if this stealth camera person notified her that her tan was leaking or if this was solely to shame her.

13. The beach setting and game of frisbee have all the makings of a great picture, but this girl failed by timing and a questionable method of catching. Considering not one of her arms is extended in preparation for the catch, one can only imagine that she was attempting the canine approach and embarrassingly missed the mark.

14. Want to guarantee your child understands the consequences of not wearing sunscreen? Take them to the beach with this woman. This kid’s reaction really says it all; you can bet that he went running for the shade in the moments following this snap. When your skin starts resembling an elephant, it’s probably a good idea to cut back on beach outings.

15. This guy probably feared that he’d run into someone he knew while attending the game alone, but little did he know his anxiety bar wasn’t raised high enough. Whoever was operating the Kiss Cam that day was not feeling very nice. If having your loneliness displayed on a jumbotron to a stadium full of people wasn’t embarrassing enough, the evidence made its way online.

16. This doesn’t do a very good job of breaking negative cheerleading stereotypes. Considering the amount of spelling chants cheerleaders are supposed to perform during games, you’d really think they’d have a better grasp on how to spell ‘Spirit.’ Luckily for them, the team is about to obliterate this glaring mistake, but unfortunately for them, someone managed to snap a picture first.

17. Wearing a speedo to the beach is always a bold move, but clearly, this guy is no stranger to the more sparing swim attire. There’s not much more this guy could have done to even out his tan unless he went to a clothing-optional beach. However, he appears to have absolutely no shame in his tan lines.


18. The aftermath of this attempted pole dance did not garner this woman the attention she was probably hoping for. This woman may have left the club, but that does not mean the club has left her. However, she should have probably given the pole a little test wiggle before fully committing to a move.

19. When you are at someone’s wedding party, you should really be photo-ready at all times to avoid an unfortunately coincidental blunder like this. As a wedding photographer, would you throw this in with the other pictures to give the bride a laugh, or would you save the perpetual embarrassment of the two bridesmaids? This guy clearly opted for the latter.

20. Adult diapers are a real thing, and it is great that they exist for those who need them. However, if you are going to wear one, you might want to reconsider donning a mini-skirt. If that diaper was concealed when this woman first left the house, it certainly isn’t anymore.

21. Whoever took this candid picture of a woman lounging in the sun with slices of tomato on her legs is probably just as confused as the rest of us. Is she trying to create some sort of circular tan art on her thighs, or is she trying to warm them up?

22. It’s not too often you see a dog at a wedding, and this is probably why. Hopefully, this bride got her smooch in already because this canine got a little bit too tonguey. Judging by the shot glass and collection of booze on the table, it looks like the majority of the honeymoon will be spent in the bathroom.

dog at a wedding

23. This innocent picture appears anything but at first glance; however, it’s all just some very unfortunate placement. Not sure who to feel more sorry for here in the photo: the girl who looks casually naked at a formal event or the woman whose arm was mistaken for an entire body belonging to someone else.

24. A neck pillow is a must-have for many frequent flyers, but when opting for the color beige, how you lug it through the airport could result in an instant unintentional bum. Unless this girl found her now-viral backside on the Internet, she probably never found out why so many people were giggling behind her that day.

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