15 Photos Revealing The Consequences of Environmental Pollution

Environmental Pollution

Let’s be honest and confess that we live in a wasteful and destructive society. Whether you accept this fact or not, our waste directly impacts our environment and all living beings in it. It affects us, the animals, and our friends and families.

We researched and found some of the most horrifying examples displaying the brutal direct effects of pollution on wildlife and humans.

We decided to bring this matter to our attention since we are hoping that we can become aware and understand that this is an actual and recurrent problem that won’t solve by itself. We need to take urgent actions that would lead to a clean and waste-free planet. In the end, this is the only planet we’ve got.

Here’s one shocking fact. During the last ten years, people have produced ten times as much plastic as they have in the previous hundred years, and every year they discard enough plastic to circle the planet not once but four times! Enough is enough! Before we know it, we will be living in plastic! 

This gloomy photograph was taken in the coal mines in India. How long do you think that dog will be able to survive in such a toxic environment?

If only we would cut up the plastic rings before we dispose of them in the garbage we could solve this problem. A small act like this could save so many lives.

This photo was taken in the Philippines, a nation considered to be the most polluted country in the world. If only all that garbage had been recycled, it would have made a significant difference.

Chances are low that you have seen a mask like this before, but it is nothing new for the people in Beijing. They use it when the air pollution levels are 20 times higher than what’s considered ‘safe.’ 

This poor albatross ingested so much garbage, which got trapped inside his body and led to his unavoidable death. Plastic makes up approximately 90% of the trash in the world’s oceans oceans that contain about 5 trillion pieces of garbage in total. How horrendous are those statistics? 

This brown pelican is supposed to fly freely over the Gulf of Mexico. Still, the innocent bird is experiencing sheer horror on the shore by being completely covered in oil from the BP-Deepwater Horizon spill. This act is heart-wrenching and unforgivable. 

Who would have thought that even Mount Everest would require a cleanup crew to clean its peak because of the amount of waste left behind by passionate mountain climbers? This act is unimaginable; one would believe that climbers were supposed to love nature.

The oceans have become home to so much trash, trapping and killing innocent animals. Approximately one million seabirds and one million sea mammals are killed every year because of garbage present in the oceans.

If you thought this could be the latest trend in feathered fashion, you thought wrong. Nearly 500 billion plastic bags are used globally every year, which is about 1 million every hour! How much plastic is enough? 

Why won’t you consider a reusable bag for your shopping next time when you visit your local grocery store? Knowing what a significant difference this small action can make in your environment will surprise you.

It takes courage to keep up with all the garbage people dispose of in the waterways, as the clean-up teams try to keep the waterways clean and waste-free.  

What was going through our minds when we were expecting our Olympic athletes to swim in Rio’s waterways, knowing that even fish cannot swim in Brazil’s polluted waters? This disheartening photo speaks for the irresponsible and horrific activities of humans.

This image is the reality of many people living in third-world countries who are forced to wander through such an appalling site to find their family dinner.

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