An Illustrator From Ghana Depicts Relatable Moments Of A Relationship Through Photos

Relationship Through Photos

Poka Art, an illustrator from Ghana, presents a realistic look at the struggles, everyday obstacles, and joyous moments in every relationship.

Through his illustrations, we see some of the most simple but important stages experienced by every couple.

Take a look at some of Poka Art’s incredible work and relive some of these relatable moments, or prepare yourself for what’s to come!

1. I think every couple can relate to this. Sometimes, you and your partner will have different interests, and it’s important to respect them while still finding a way to spend quality time together, preferably outside of the screens.

2. It’s always important to keep things light. This couple is comfortable with playing pranks on each other and keeping the humorous and silly side of their relationship alive.

3. Let’s be honest; a good chunk of any relationship is spent eating. It’s nice when you get to that place with your partner where you’re so comfortable you don’t have to pretend to eat politely – or feel guilty for eating the last slice.

4. This picture, to me, represents how important it is to get through those gloomy, rainy, and difficult days together. As partners, I think it’s important to take turns holding the umbrella and protecting each other from the times that are far from sunshine and rainbows.

5. Every relationship has its ups and downs. Nothing feels worse than getting into a fight with the person you want to talk to the most. Communication is key, and letting your egos get in the way of working it out is the least productive way to solve an issue.

6. Then there are long-distance relationships. Long-distance relationships rely on trust, understanding, and strength, and not every relationship can build this.

7. I love this one. Treat your partner exactly how you want them to treat you, like royalty.

8. The best moments in a relationship are when it feels like it’s just the two of you in the room and when the person you love makes you feel like you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

9. What about those times when it’s me, myself, and I? Maybe the person you’re dating skipped out on your date, or maybe you’re just spending Valentine’s Day alone. Quality time with yourself is just as important as quality time with your significant other.

10. Illustrator Poka Art depicts a game-changing moment in any relationship, bringing a child into the world and becoming a family.

11. Doing daily tasks will definitely get a little more difficult once a child is in the picture. But as long as your partner appreciates your efforts, and you appreciate theirs, the work will seem a little easier.

12. What’s harder than having one kid? Having twins! Not only does that double the number of mouths to feed, but having two toddlers the same age means double the work of one. It also means no sleep.

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