16 Shoe Styles From The '90s To Remind You Of Your Shoe Obsession


Do you happen to be one of those fortunate people who never got rid of their ‘old’ shoes from the nineties? If that is the case, then you can clean them up since anything seems fashionable these days, and the nineties (eighties, seventies, sixties, etc.) are back in style with full force.

Some shoe styles that characterized the nineties include:

  • Platforms
  • Florescent colors
  • Converse and pumas
  • And more!

You may have had your favorite styles from the nineties, but when you look through this gallery, you’ll remember much more of what you forgot you were obsessed with. Arguably, the nineties were the best era for here it goes!

1. Do you remember Sugar Floaties? Those sandals that were so squishy, soft, and perfect? With their ‘bubble’ design and high level of comfort, you were probably obsessed with these back in the day.


Image Source: ashleigh290

2. Jelly sandals, especially jelly sandals with heels, were all the rage at one point, and you probably owned a pair or two yourself. On the downside, remember how they used to get so sweaty after only an hour of wearing them? Maybe avoid them during an especially hot day.

3. Chinese Laundry flip flops were cool because the shoe's sole was made from straw, the same kind that you’d find a straw mat made from.

4. Lots of people lived in Doc Martens sandals in the nineties. For many teens, the sandals got so bad that they were forced to throw them away because of the horrible smell!

5. Steve Madden slip-ons were fun to wear because of the soft stretch band on the top of your feet and the ‘slap’ ‘slap’ of the shoes with each step you’d take. Of course, they did look great in a pair of capri pants and a colorful hair bandana!

6. Sanuk Voodoo flip flops may have given the impression of being comfy because of the spongy material, and they may have looked interesting as well, but in reality, they were a bit annoying to wear.

7. Adidas shower shoes have made a comeback every now and then, but in the nineties, it seemed like you couldn’t pass by at least a few people wearing these in the street in the summertime!

8. The Rocket Dog Rainbow flip flops were a huge retro platform sandal popular with the trendy young ladies of the nineties.

9. Mudd Holographic Sandal Heels were awesome and futuristic. They appeared to come right out of Romy and Michele’s Highschool Reunion!

10. The platforms in the nineties seemed to compete as they became higher and higher! Your mother probably never let you buy a pair of these incredibly tall platforms, but no doubt you enjoyed admiring them in the shop windows.

11. Birkenstock clogs were worn with pretty much everything, even as you tried to tell yourself they matched the rest of your outfit!

12. Candie’s wooden heels were popular but also extremely dangerous to walk around in! You may have had your own share of spills wearing a pair of these.

13. These LEI Velcro Platform Sneakers were popular in the nineties, and you may have enjoyed adding a little height during a casual game of basketball!

14. The original Sketchers platform sneakers added height but not too much! If you ever owned a pair of these, you were probably obsessed with them for a while.

15. Chunky platform loafers were worn by Rachel on Friends, which probably made you obsessed with owning a pair of these in more than one color.

16. MIA chunky sandals were popular in the nineties, but do you remember how they left scuff marks all over the floor and got pebbles stuck in their large treads?

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