An Accidental Catch - Shark In The Net Among Many Fish 


Seasoned fishermen were on their way to the open sea, hoping to catch fish and make a profit from it. They were pleased and happy when they caught lots of fish that day because the catch meant they could continue providing for their families. 

But as they were unloading their incredible catch, they began to notice something extremely strange that was in the net that wasn’t supposed to be there, although they couldn’t yet identify it. They had fished for so many years they knew immediately when something was out of place.

It’s true that many times when fishermen cast a giant net, they are never quite sure of what they’ll find. Sometimes they’ll catch hundreds of fish for consumption, but other times, they might have an unusual catch, such as a dead animal from the sea, or find random things abandoned or lost by humans.

On this day, these fishermen reeled in the heavy net that they had put out into the ocean in order to collect the tons of fish that they planned to sell. It was heavy, alright, and the fish were plentiful, but then they made the craziest discovery.

Caught helplessly inside the large fishing net, they saw the huge shark, which they certainly did not mean to capture. As the fishermen didn’t have much experience dealing with sharks, the shark accidentally died as they tried to release it back into the ocean.

This caused an uproar among angry locals, but the fishermen claim it was truly an accident. Locals were angry because they were aware that many shark species were considered endangered or threatened.

Sharks have been targeted for many years by humans because they’re considered a special source of food and are also used to produce oil and traditional medicine.

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