7 Telltale Signs That You Are Dealing With An Evil Person

harmful person

Evil people exist in our lives solely to bring us down. Their main purpose is to cause us pain and suffering. Instead of directly hurting you, they will manipulate and control you, ultimately leading you to your downfall. Changing their negative intentions is hardly possible, but what you can do is recognize the warning signs and sever all ties with these toxic individuals.

So, here are the seven most common warning signs that you are dealing with an evil person.

1. Pathological Lying

People with bad intentions manipulate others with elaborate lies in order to achieve their desired goals. Unlike most people who only tell white lies every now and then, evil people habitually and even compulsively deceive others. They create false stories and portray themselves as victims to gain attention and sympathy. The worst part is that they will never feel bad about their insincerity, even when you uncover their lies.

2. Controlling Behavior

Evil individuals, whether they are narcissists, sadists, or psychopaths, always have a strong desire to manipulate and dominate those around them. They lack trust in others because, in their twisted minds, they believe everyone else is just as malicious as they are. Their need for absolute control is a way for them to protect themselves. To achieve this, they may employ tactics such as gaslighting, emotional manipulation, exerting control over others’ appearance and relationships, or even resorting to physical abuse.

3. Revelling In Other People’s Misfortune

At some point, we've all felt the urge to rejoice in someone’s failure, especially when it comes to people we don’t like. However, truly evil people take these feelings to a whole new level. They derive pleasure from the pain and suffering of others, even if they happen to be friends or family members. The real danger lies in the fact that they may actively seek out ways to cause harm simply for the sick thrill of it all. It's a disturbing thought, but unfortunately, it's a reality for some.

4. Manipulating People

In an evil person’s mindset, everything revolves around them and their selfish interests. They perceive others as inferior and have no qualms about taking advantage of them for personal benefits. Whether they seek financial profit, career prospects, sexual gratification, or any other advantage - the end result of their manipulation wreaks havoc on their victims’ lives.

5. Leading Multiple Lives

Dishonesty is a strong indication of people with malicious intentions, but some truly take their lies to extremes. Evil people will display one persona to one set of people and a completely different one to another. In some cases, they may even lead completely separate lives, with secret relationships or families. Ultimately, it all boils down to the fact that these individuals view others as mere objects for them to use rather than people with valuable emotions.

6. Disrespecting Boundaries

What makes it incredibly challenging to cut out toxic individuals from your life is their utter disregard for personal boundaries. Let's say you tell your abusive partner that you don't appreciate them prioritizing their own interests over spending time with you. Unfortunately, they won't take your boundaries seriously or try to change their behavior. They believe they can always find a way to manipulate you and that their desires outweigh your needs.

7. Creating Drama

Individuals with malevolent personalities understand that chaos is their ally. The greater the uncertainty and vulnerability of those in their vicinity, the simpler it is to dominate and influence them. This is why evil individuals aim to cause drama wherever they go. Additionally, they do it for their own amusement. If that entails severing bonds and fostering hostility between individuals, they will do so without hesitation. It is important to be aware of their tactics and to take steps to protect oneself from their influence.

Final Thoughts

To protect yourself from evil people’s harmful influence, it is essential to trust your instincts and intuition. If something feels off or if there are consistent warning signs, it is crucial to distance yourself from these individuals as soon as possible. Surrounding yourself with a supportive network of trustworthy individuals can also provide a valuable protective barrier against the manipulative tactics of malevolent individuals. 

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