An Effective Guide To Dealing With Annoying Neighbors

Annoying Neighbors

We might be able to pick your roommates, but neighbors are another story. Living next door to people with wildly different personalities and lifestyles may lead to hostility and conflicts. There are various routes you can take to solve neighborly quarrels, but we included some humorous solutions people have used against their annoying neighbors.

1. No matter where you’ve lived, chances are you’ve dealt with an extremely annoying neighbor. Your reasons for not getting along may vary, but still, it’s technically a universal situation or a rite of passage, if you will.

Even the sweetest people have felt the overwhelming annoyance of dealing with someone next door that they just don’t get along with. If you’re thinking right now that you’ve never dealt with something like this, then there’s a possibility that you’re lying to yourself. Or maybe you were the annoying neighbor.

I bet you never thought of that, huh? One of the pettiest complaints a neighbor can have is when it doesn’t affect them. The neighbor who thought calling the cops on this person’s flamingo-adorned lawn was a good idea was greatly mistaken. They may have just wanted the eye sore gone from their street, but little did they know, they started a war.

2. If you don’t own a dog, there’s really no reason you should be picking up dog poop off of your lawn. However, there are a lot of lazy dog walkers out there who don’t bother picking up after their fluffy friend. This person has clearly had enough, and this threat should keep dropping away in the future.

3. Assigned parking is quite a luxury when you live in a building complex until someone else takes your spot. This person decided to unleash their rage with pen and paper and wrote a passive-aggressive note that not only roasted them for taking their spot but also for their parking skills.

4. Sidewalk chalk isn’t just for kids; it can be used to passive-aggressively shame your neighbor for leaving dog poop in a prime spot for someone to walk in. The perpetrator may go unidentified, but if they stick to the same route, they might think twice about not picking up after their dog.

5. How many trash cans have you walked by and saw bags of poop just sitting around the perimeter? The amount of times it happens is baffling. These people have come so close yet still can’t fully commit to being a decent human being. We are just as confused as you letter writer.

6. Anyone who has ever lived below someone else knows that it’s not the most serene experience. The sounds coming from upstairs will often prompt a guessing game of what they could possibly be doing to be so loud. This person posted a picture of a pair of concrete flip-flops to get their point across.

7. Every small town or community has that one person who thinks everything should be a certain way and have a certain aesthetic standard. Clearly, Bob complained about this person’s fence not being painted. Unfortunately for him, this person isn’t going to go out of their way just to make sure he’s happy.

8. Ah, yes. Good ole farm towns! It’s especially tricky when they’ve been recently made into regular suburbs, and only a few family farms remain. Or when a farmer comes to a regular suburb with roosters. That’d be annoying, too. This person sounds like if something isn’t done about this rooster, it might become their next meal.

9. Sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do to get people to look after their dogs the way they should and stop defiling your land! Even if that means sending your grandson to go poop on the lawn of the person who did it. Two wrongs don’t make a right, but this threat should do the trick.

10. A building’s laundry machines work on a first-come, first-serve basis, and if there’s none available at the time, you just have to wait it out. However, some people must have emergency laundry situations as they feel entitled enough to completely take over. This laundry victim got revenge and was completely unapologetic about it.

11. Every apartment building suffers from that one awful couple that, for some reason, is still together despite the fact that it seems like they absolutely hate each other’s guts. Maybe they enjoy fighting with each other, but one thing is for sure: the rest of the building definitely does not.

12. You have to wonder if some dog owners have become deaf to the sound of their own dog’s bark. The neighbors, however, have definitely not. It’s fine if your dog is a little bark-happy but bring it inside so the entire neighborhood doesn’t have to hear the soundtrack to your canine’s vocal energy.

13. Even if you have a neighbor with the voice of an angel, hearing constant singing can get annoying very fast. Life in a musical isn’t as fun as it may seem, and when that voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard, it’s an absolute nightmare. This person decided to get straight to the point with a note that will hopefully make them reconsider belting out tunes.

14. Don’t be fooled by the whimsical font and heart-adorned exclamation marks; this person is not happy. While the person did bring extra baggies and clean up this person’s dog poop, they also left it at their front door. It won’t be a pleasant surprise for them, but neither is unexpectedly stepping in the poop of a dog you don’t own.

15. Most people who steal things like a paddling pool off of someone else’s lawn probably don’t think about who they are stealing it from. This grandmother decided to make whoever took it to feel terrible for stealing from a 4-year-old child. She also casually threw in that she hoped they would die.

16. One can only imagine what these neighbors could have been up to that would make their nearby residents think an exorcism was taking place. At least this neighbor was nice enough to ask them to keep their expelling of demons to Friday and Saturday nights. A little common courtesy never hurt anyone.

Bad neighbors

How To Handle Annoying Neighbors Politely?

Bad neighbors can destroy your domestic comfort and just make your life hell. For example, sharing the same neighborhood with an untidy person who leaves trash everywhere can reduce your quality of life. Sometimes, a cautionary chat will embarrass such neighbors and prompt them to clean up their mess. Positive reinforcement can also help in this process. However, some neighbors might not respond to polite complaints. This is where you can involve local code enforcement or HOA.

Maybe you are irritated because your neighbors insist on using your pool or keep dropping by unannounced during the weekend? Although they don’t usually mean any harm, people prone to overstepping others’ boundaries are the most annoying neighbors. The most effective way to deal with them is by firmly enforcing boundaries and reminding them that they are not welcome in certain situations. If they still show up in your home at inappropriate times, you can simply ask them to leave.

Some neighbors might even be plain mean and disrespectful. If you are dealing with the type of neighbors who would outright harass you or hurl insults at you, ignoring them is the first option to consider. If their foul behavior persists, try documenting the harassment and leaving them a written warning to leave you alone. If none of these measures work, you may need to involve the authorities. 

Loud music

How To Take Revenge On Your Noisy Neighbors?

Have you ever woken up from your after-work slumber because of the sudden, ear-splitting music coming from the house next door? Or was your plan of sleeping late on a Saturday morning ruined by your neighbor’s loud DIY session? 

If you nodded along to these questions, the thought of getting back at your noisy neighbors has probably crossed your mind before. Well, it is time to prepare a well-deserved retribution plan! Here are some fun, harmless ways to annoy your loud neighbor:

  • Do outside chores loudly - If you have some home maintenance tasks to complete, be as noisy as humanly possible. Spend as much time as you can blowing the leaves or mowing your yard. Bonus points if you get up earlier than your loud neighbor and do these tasks in the morning!
  • Blast your favorite tunes - Does your neighbor love blasting loud music in the middle of the night? Time to fight fire with fire and hit them with your best shot! Ask them which audio system they use during a neighborly chat, buy a stronger one, and give them a taste of their own medicine. For example, if they play dubstep or techno, you can blast back some hard rock music.
  • Start playing outdoor sports - Start playing your favorite sport with friends in your front yard or driveway. Regardless of the time of your match, feel free to kick the ball as much as possible for extra noise. This is a perfect way to annoy your neighbor while also making your lifestyle healthier and more active!
  • Put a dog house in your yard - If you are a dog parent, providing your pet with more space outdoors is always a good idea. Place a nice dog house close to the fence dividing your house from your neighbor’s. Then, let your dog roam around the yard and bark at any time of the day - or night!
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