Get A Clean Mattress With Baking Soda: How To Use Baking Soda For Cleaning


Baking soda is one of the most versatile ingredients we all have in our cupboards, and we can employ it in many household chores. For example, you can use baking soda to whiten your teeth, clean your jewelry, or eliminate blemishes.

Sodium bicarbonate, referred to as ‘baking soda,’ is primarily used in baking as a leavening agent, but these are the uses you might not be aware of:

1. Baking Soda can be used as a face scrub. Simply combine it with warm water, then splash your face and dab it dry.

baking soda for face mask

2. It can be used to whiten teeth by mixing several teaspoons of baking soda with fresh lemon juice or water. Make a paste and apply it to your teeth with a toothbrush. Leave it on for 1 minute and rinse.

baking soda for teeth

3. Baking soda can deodorize your mattress. Use the entire box and rub it into the bed, which gives your mattress a deep cleaning. Add some essential oil, like lavender, for a fresh scent.

4. Soaking your jewelry in baking soda and water will make it shine like new. Just pour water and baking soda, let your jewelry sit, and then rinse it off.

5. Baking soda can also be used to clean your oven. Douse the inside of your oven with baking soda and scrub away all the nasty stains and food buildup.

cleaning with baking soda

6. Out of deodorant? Mix ⅛ of a teaspoon of baking soda with a little bit of water; don’t dissolve it, and rub it under your arms.

7. Baking soda can be used to treat insect bites and itchy skin. Make a paste out of baking soda and water and apply it to your skin.

8. Baking soda can help your hair, too. Sprinkle a small amount into your palm along with your shampoo. Shampoo as usual and rinse. The baking soda removes the residue that styling products leave behind and makes your hair cleaner and more manageable.

soda for hair

How Long Do You Leave Baking Soda On Mattress To Clean?

Baking soda is a natural and affordable household cleaner that works without using a combination of harsh chemicals. As such, you can use it to remove stains, dust mites, and allergens from your mattress. However, before you start your cleaning session, you need to know how long you should leave the baking soda on your bed to get the desired results. 

When it comes to cleaning your mattress with baking soda, it is usually recommended to leave the soda for 30 minutes to an hour. If you aim for a deeper cleaning, you can let it stay on your mattress for 24 hours. During this process, make sure to check the baking soda every couple of hours and remove it when it has absorbed all the odors, stains, and moisture. It is important to mention that baking soda alone cannot kill some harmful microorganisms, so it would be wise to use a hospital-grade disinfectant as well.

There are several factors that determine the amount of time you should leave the baking soda on your bed, such as:

  • Stain and odor level: The more odorous and soiled your mattress is, the longer exposure to baking soda it requires for a thorough neutralization.
  • Mattress type: Depending on their materials, different mattresses may need different times of cleaning with baking soda. For example, spring mattresses typically require more time than foam mattresses.
  • Amount of baking soda: If you employ an excess amount of baking soda, it may require a longer time for exposure and removal from your mattress.
  • Humidity level: Higher levels of humidity tend to slow down the absorption of baking soda, which means your mattress will require a longer exposure time for deep cleaning.
  • Room temperature: If your room temperature during the cleaning is high enough, it can speed up the absorption of baking soda and shorten the required exposure time.
  • Personal preferences: You can adapt your cleaning session to your personal schedule and preferences.

How Do You Get Yellow Stains Out Of Mattress With Baking Soda?

yellow stains

If you want to clean the yellow stains from your mattress, you can use baking soda in combination with vinegar. Since baking soda and vinegar are acid and base, respectively, they neutralize each other in the presence of water. During this chemical reaction, they create bubbles that lift the stains from the mattress.

To achieve the desired effect, make a solution that contains equal portions of vinegar and water, then put it in a spray bottle. Apply this solution to the affected area, then sprinkle the baking soda over the patch. Wait around fifteen minutes for the reaction to begin. As soon as you notice the stains fading, wipe up the solution with a damp, clean cloth and let your mattress dry naturally.

Another option for cleaning yellow stains involves the combination of baking soda with water and salt. Mix these ingredients in a bowl while ensuring the consistency of a paste, then apply the paste to the stained parts of your mattress with a cleaned cloth. Let the paste stay on your mattress for around 30 minutes, then wipe it with a clean, wet cloth.

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