13 Hidden Animal Brain Teasers To Play With Your Expectations

Hidden Animal

Our sight always requires a certain amount of time to adapt to a changing scene and realize what is hidden right in front of our eyes. The process can be challenging when you are short on time, but it can also be amusing and entertaining when done in your free time. Test your visual ability with the following 13 hidden animal brain teasers.

It’s only natural to want to challenge yourself and your abilities, which is what makes brain teasers and visual tests so popular. Seemingly everyday photos can disguise something else with a closer look. The YouTube channel, Mind Oddities, has compiled a bunch of images that have hidden animals within them. It can take a good scan around the perimeters of the image before your eyes lock in on the animal.

However, the observance is a funny thing, and it seems to take everyone a different amount of time to solve these puzzles. Each next page will deliver a new and more challenging image with an animal disguised amongst the scenery. To find out where the animal is, if you haven’t already, click the next page to have a red circle point out where it’s been hiding. Give your eyes a good warm-up and see if you can find the bird in this photo of leaves below.

Did you find it? The bird’s color, shape, and size blend in so well with the other leaves that it almost takes a solid squint to differentiate it from them. These little sight games aren’t just entertaining; they also help you concentrate, think, and learn to notice the tiny details in an image.

Just an image of a quaint storefront on a rural town strip? Think again! There’s a horse hidden somewhere in this picture, and it takes a special pair of eyes to find it. While some of these animals may be easier to find than others, most people can’t find them all.

Did you find it? The horse is actually in the middle window in the building above the storefront. When you picture a horse, naturally, you imagine it outside where it would normally be and be largely in sight. However, this brain teaser played with expectations to make things a little bit trickier.

Believe it or not, there’s actually a wolf lurking somewhere in this scenic picture of birch trees in autumn. When considering some of the more dangerous animals featured in these brain teasers, it’s a weary thought not to be able to quickly recognize something that could potentially harm you.

Did you find the wolf? Towards the right of the middle right of the image, the wolf can be seen just peeking out from behind one of the many birch trees. One would think a wolf would be more distinguishable, but the colors of its fur blend in with the tree, as well as the business of the leaves and sticks below.

Can you find a bear hidden in this picture of a log cabin in the forest? This one tends to stump many people, so here’s a hint: While a bear would be no stranger to a location like this, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is where you would imagine a bear to be.

Did you find the bear? The shape of the bear is actually made from tree branches in the middle top section of the picture above the cabin. Most people will naturally seek out a real bear, but those who analyzed the more unsuspecting areas of the image were able to find it.

This picture of multiple piles of chopped wood is a busy one, which makes finding the cat that’s somewhere in there very difficult. With all of the textures, similar colors, and cluttered nature of the image, there are many places our eyes will try and dart around to, but hint: it’s in a more obvious spot than one might first notice.

Did you find the cat? Turns out, this cat’s fur makes it almost seamlessly blend in with the stack of wood it’s lounging on. Many people just see the feline as a chunk of wood amongst the piles, but once the red circle points it out, it’s much easier to decipher the cat’s ears and even face.

Looking at this image of a bunch of penguins is already dizzying, but somewhere there’s another out-of-place black and white animal hiding. Test your eyes limits and see if you can find the panda in this sea of penguins. Hint: Don’t strain your eyes looking for a body, but more so a panda face.

Did you find the panda? Closer to the top of the image and just a tad right of the middle, a panda face is visible amongst the plethora of penguins. Trying to distinguish a panda amongst this many penguins is certainly not easy, but those with a keen eye might be able to spot it.

Finding larger animals has already proven to be tricky, but can you find the butterfly hiding amongst these flower-adorned branches? You’ll have to really put your eyes to the test and examine each area, as this insect manages to blend in very well with the chaos of the flowers, leaves, and branches.

Did you find the butterfly? Most of us picture butterflies having wings with a plethora of colors, which usually make them stand out when fluttering on by. However, this butterfly’s green wings almost camouflage it with the scenery. Perched on a branch just above the middle right of the image, this insect is one tricky find.

Taking a quick glance at this city street shot, it doesn’t look like there’s any animal in sight. However, somewhere in here, there’s a dog hidden. Hint: While dogs are certainly not a stranger to walking along city streets, this one isn’t quite where you would expect a canine to be.

Did you find the dog? Just like the previous bear brain teaser, the outline of this pup is made up of the tree’s branches on the right-hand side of the picture. Most eyes will try and examine the city streets or the dense part of the image, but the formation of these branches seems quite obvious after.

You might be wondering what could possibly be hiding in this close-up picture of a tree trunk. There’s actually a snake somewhere in there. For those with a fear of snakes, this just shows you how well some serpents can camouflage into their surroundings. You may have to squint your eyes for this one.

Were you able to find the snake slithering up a tree trunk? The color of this reptile blends in almost perfectly with the rugged bark. However, if you look closely, you will notice that the snake’s pattern slightly reveals the serpent’s wriggling body. Predators will certainly have a tough time getting their hands on this one.

Wondering what could possibly be hiding in this close-up shot of a bunch of tiny pebbles? Well, sorry, arachnophobes, but there’s actually a large spider hiding right before your eyes. Hint: Don’t strain your eyes looking for an itsy bitsy spider; this insect actually takes up a fair bit of the image.

Were you able to find the spider hiding in this picture? This insect is concealed incredibly well amongst the pebbles due to its pattern being almost identical. The busy image is already disorienting for the eyes, but once you notice how some pebbles aren’t completely separate from one another, you’ll notice the spider.

This pile of rocks looks quite void of any animal life, but there’s actually a bird hiding in here somewhere. This one is definitely tricky, but once you’re able to spot it, you won’t be able to unsee it. Hint: Just because there’s a bird in this picture doesn’t mean you can see its face.

Were you able to find the bird? Facing away from the camera, the bird is positioned at the bottom left of the picture. The color of the bird’s feathers makes it look like it blends into the rocks it’s facing. We often tend to look toward the middle of the picture instead of what’s potentially in the foreground.

Wait a second, isn’t this just all people in this picture? Despite the fact that this looks like one ginormous class photo, there’s actually a panda hidden in this sea of attentive people posing for the camera. Hint: Just because there’s a panda in this picture doesn’t mean that it’s a real one.

Were you able to spot the panda in this crowd shot? If you really focus, you’ll notice that there’s a person holding a stuffed panda just to the left of the middle of the picture. Extra points if you notice that there’s another stuffed bear just a few rows in front of the panda. All the points if you can figure out what the heck this photo was for.

Last but not least, can you find the giraffe somewhere in this picture? This one is a little simpler than the last few, so don’t try to strain your eyes too much. Hint: Giraffes are big creatures, and though you might not see them at first, this one is not really hiding.

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