Amusing and Bizzare Coincidences Then and Now

Amusing and Bizarre Coincidences Then and Now

It’s pretty impossible to plan your life and for everything to turn out just as you imagine and just as you desire. It is a simple truth that life is full of coincidences.

There are some typical coincidences that often happen in your daily life, such as:

  • Wearing the same outfit as a friend
  • Running into someone you know in another country
  • Getting two of the same presents

These are some common everyday occurrences that probably happen to a lot of us. However, there are other coincidences that are a lot more rare.

Here are a few crazy, coinky-dinks that will leave your jaw on the floor! Have any of these ever happened to you?

1) This one isn’t exactly ‘hilarious,’ but we must say that this is a pretty crazy coincidence. Not only did these brothers die the same way, but it was the same driver who killed them! That’s spooky.

2) Five months after this episode aired, the tragic 9/11 event happened. Did Johnny Bravo predict the future?

3) These identical twins were separated at birth and were adopted by two different families. However, both were named James. The freaky part? Once they reunited, they learned that they were both married to a woman named Linda and then to a woman named Betty. They also had sons. One twin named his child James Allan, and the other twin named his James Alan.

4) Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, you must admit that these two have an uncanny resemblance to each other.

5) This house cat clearly isn’t the best hide-and-seek player in the house.

6) Ironic, isn’t it? We wonder what the stone carver thought about this when he was carving this phrase in stone.

7) We don’t know if superheroes actually exist or not, but this kid may be living proof of Kryptonians. Maybe he’s Clark Kent’s nephew?

8) This dog must have bribed his way through Dog Obedience Training school. How else could he have received this certificate?

9) What are the chances that four beanie-wearing blondes would all walk onto the bus together? Perhaps it’s the latest fashion trend?

10) Girls aren’t the only ones that wear matching clothes. There must have been a sale on black and white flannel.

11) This Urban Outfitter employee was stoked to see that there was a pair of socks that looked EXACTLY like him!

12) Even books are starting to look like humans! It’s like a mirror image of the reader. Pretty crazy right?

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