Jean-Claude Van Damme Points Out How UFC Guys Can't Kick And Gives A Proper Demonstration

Jean-Claude Van Damme

Jean-Claude Van Damme is famous for his martial arts action films and unbelievable martial arts moves. He dedicated some of his time after his workout to point out in a video from TMZ how some UFC fighters are kicking the wrong way.

Van Damme is casually dressed in his sweatshirt and baseball hat, and he says that even at 55 years old, he knows how to move, especially with his legs.

He says, ‘If I can give my knowledge to some of those amazing UFC fighters in terms of legs, I have a lot to teach.’ He says, ‘Right now it's a mess,’ and he wants to teach power, flexibility, and dexterity to the UFC fighters.

Van Damme explains that the amazing UFC fighters don’t know how to execute a leg strike properly, so the cameraman asks if he can show him how to kick properly.

He says that the fighters today ‘They are missing; they are out of balance. Thank god they have good jiu-jitsu.’ He explains that if you think the UFC fighters are good now, ‘wait five years when people have their legs better.’

Then he demonstrates a proper kick in the parking lot. He pulled over a friend he was with and gave the camera and the excited cameraman a full demonstration right there on the street.

He explains that when people have their legs as they did in the old times, they will be unstoppable, but it took the fighters years to perfect those skills back in the day.

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