Living As An INFJ Empath: 6 Tips To Stay Strong

Intuitive Empaths

INFJs are famous for their outstanding sensitivity compared to other personality types. They have a natural inclination towards empathy and generosity. Negative energy and lack of empathy can easily overwhelm them, which is why it's important for them to maintain their emotional strength. Their sensitivity runs deep, making the experience of being an INFJ empath both rewarding and emotionally taxing.

What Is It Like To Be An INFJ Empath?

INFJ empaths usually feel the loneliest around insincere individuals. Their true sense of peace comes from connecting with fellow empaths who can comprehend intricate and abstract concepts. These individuals find their energy drained by those who lack empathy and compassion, but it is replenished by their tribe, who truly understands them.

If you belong to this personality type, you may yearn to fit in and be considered "normal." However, being a part of any group often requires sacrificing a part of yourself. While sacrificing for others is a strength of yours, compromising your integrity is not something you can risk. You find unique and traditional ways to share your gifts, making a positive impact on the lives of others. As an INFJ empath, you are often seen as the healer of the world, but the world can take a toll on you, after which you need solitude to recharge.

With that said, here are six essential tips to help you stay strong as an INFJ empath in this world.

1. Set Healthy Boundaries

People with introverted and empathetic traits can find it challenging to assert themselves. However, it is imperative that you learn to establish firm boundaries in a constructive way to preserve your identity. For example, you can create a list of non-negotiable boundaries - ten promises to yourself about what you won't accept in any relationship.

2. Practice Visualization

Visualizing a boundary that sets you apart from others can serve as a reminder of your individuality. This boundary can take any form that resonates with you; picture yourself enveloped in a bright aura or enclosed by a shield that repels any harmful vibes directed toward you.

3. Prioritize Self-Care

Remember to prioritize radical self-care by asking yourself every day, "What do I need right now?" This approach recognizes that self-care is not selfish but rather selfless because when you have more energy within yourself, you can give more energy to the world. 

For instance, if you feel the need to have fun, consider scheduling a weekly night out with friends or taking some time for yourself. If solitude is what you crave, try incorporating quiet meditation and reflection into your routine. Whatever it takes to recharge your reserves, go for it. The world relies on your amazing energy.

4. Follow Your Intuition

INFJs often have an uncanny ability to tap into their intuition, which can be challenging to embrace if you're unaware of your own superpower. With introverted intuition (Ni) as their primary cognitive function and introverted thinking (Ti) as their third function, the brilliant INFJ mind effortlessly and swiftly forms profound connections. The key to their personal growth lies in learning to genuinely heed and comprehend their inner voice, as it holds the most valuable insights for their life's journey.

5. Avoid Depleting Interactions

If someone in your life consistently makes you feel anxious, guilty, or ashamed, it's important to acknowledge that your interactions with them are toxic. This doesn't necessarily make them a toxic person, but it does mean that you should limit your time with them until the negative energy dissipates.

6. Be Selective About Your Community

As an INFJ empath, it can be challenging to connect with superficial individuals, but societal pressure may push you to conform. It's important to have people around you who respect your boundaries and truly value you. Remember, don't compromise your uniqueness just to fit in.

Final Thoughts

As an empath with an INFJ personality, it's important to remember that you deserve to treat yourself with the same love and respect that you give to others. Don't waste your time on toxic individuals who bring you down and devalue your dreams. Surround yourself with people who truly appreciate and value you for the amazing person you are. 

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