Mom Takes Daughter To Hospital In Time After She Eats A Banana With Red Lines


Fruits and veggies should dominate anyone’s diet. Eating different kinds of fruits and vegetables of different colors is crucial since each color implies a particular nutrient and vitamin. One mother from the UK was following this idea and was going to buy some bananas from her local supermarket. It wasn’t until she cut them open that she realized that the bananas were the cause of her daughter’s illness.

The mother believes that the red streak running down the banana was a sign of contamination that caused her young daughter to become sick.
Lissa Merlin is a mother from the United Kingdom, and she was doing her regular grocery shopping when she picked up a set of bananas.

She brought them home, and her young daughter, Dionne, decided to take a banana and eat it. It wasn’t long until the little girl suddenly began to feel ill.

Being a cautious mother, she checked the banana that her daughter had eaten and it revealed a reddish-black streak down the core.

The discoloration was due to a mold caused by a type of fungus called Nigrospora. Although many would assume that all mold is toxic to humans, Nigrospora is actually different.

Nigrospora is a type of black mold, but it has not been clinically proven to be toxic to humans or other living organisms.

Still, Lissa decided to take her daughter to the hospital for safety precautions. She has since been released and fully recovered.

Another parent from Liverpool had a similar encounter with her yellow fruit. ‘Аs I peeled the skin off my favorite fruit; I was slightly concerned about red veins that seemed to be running throughout. It was like nothing I’d ever seen before, and very cautiously, I decided to back away from the banana.’

The representatives of the store that Lissa shopped at released a statement that read: ‘We are sorry for Mrs. Melin’s daughter’s distress. This product did not meet our strict quality standards. However, we would like to assure her that it is a naturally occurring mold that is not harmful to humans.’

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