Mother With 8 Kids Lives On Welfare And Blames Her Good Looks For Not Having A Job

Mother With her Kids

Marie Buchan is infamously known as the “Octomum,” and she is stealing the spotlight again. However, this time she states that she cannot get employed in her profession because she looks too good. Prior to this, Marie was criticized for some choices she made that include:

  • Collecting $2,000 dollars a month in benefits
  • Money used for selfish reasons
  • Hiring an agent to capitalize on her fame

Marie has been criticized by some for “mooching off the system,” as she’s been living off of benefits since she gave birth to her first child at 19.
Though Marie dreams of becoming a mechanic, she claims that she is unable to find work in a field full of men. “They’re not really after me working there; they’re looking for something more,” Marie explained to The Sun. Marie has made several television appearances voicing her opinions despite some people criticizing her approach.

She had initially made headlines when people found out she was using her “wages” for superficial things like funding a music video and wanting to get a breast augmentation.

However, Marie believes that being a parent is a tough, full-time job in itself and that finding a job in her field is even harder.

Studying to be a mechanic, Marie speaks out about sexism in the industry and wants to put an end to it. “I’m not going to be able to get the experience I need in a garage full of men,” she told the Daily Star.

When questioned about why she continued to have children when she couldn’t afford them, Marie explained that she didn’t expect to be left alone.

She also ensured that her children were all going to attend school and university so that they would be able to give back to the system.

In the past, Marie made headlines for complaining about cuts to the $31,000 she was receiving a year.

After all this media attention, the outspoken “octomum” hired an agent in order to handle her social media appearances.

In a recent interview with The Sun, Marie shared that she’s an attractive icon and partook in a photo shoot bearing minimal clothing to prove how “unemployable” she is.

Marie, who formerly worked as a landscaper, says that she wishes to be taken seriously in her field and is tired of women getting ripped off.

Though Marie has faced a lot of backlash for voicing her opinion on the matter, Marie explains that the amount of sexism she’s faced in the field has made it impossible for her to get a job.

“You’ve got women in the police force, in the Army, we have the skills,” Marie tells the Daily Star, suggesting that women are much more than attractive icons.

Despite living off benefits and “cheating the system” to some, Marie is due to finish studying in March and is still determined to achieve her dream job.

Currently living in Birmingham’s Selly Oak, Marie is determined to gain experience and work with other female mechanics.

Tired of the comments and being taken advantage of, Marie’s plan is to eventually leave behind her life of welfare and start her own mechanic shop.

Although some people believe that Marie is living a selfish lifestyle and “sponging” off the system, it appears that she’s insistent to make a change and work for her own money.

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