Did You Ever Have A Scary Dream About Losing Your Teeth? Here Is The Interpretation For Such A Dream And So Many Other Dream Interpretations


People tend to have different dreams in general, but some particular dreams are universal for most. While some specific and unique dreams would be better interpreted according to our personal reflection, the most common dreams carry meanings that apply to each of us. Here are some of the most common dreams:

  • Falling
  • Taking an exam or test you are not prepared for at all
  • Being naked in public

Most of us have had at least one of these dreams. But what do they mean? Keep reading to find out.
Psychologist Ian Wallace has been interpreting dreams for 3 decades. He has interpreted 150,000 dreams during his career. These are his interpretations of the most common dreams people have.

1. Driving an out-of-control vehicle. In this dream, your vehicle represents your ability to make progress toward goals in your life. You are probably feeling like you do not have much control over the path to your goal.

2. Falling is a very common dream. It means that you are holding on too tightly to a situation in your life that may not be the best for you. Have more trust in yourself.

3. Flying. If you have dreamt that you are flying, it means that you have recently gone through a release and freed yourself from something or someone in your life that was holding you down.

4. The meaning behind our dreams, where we are taking a test that we have not prepared for at all, is pretty simple. It means that you are examining your own performance in life.

5. Dreaming that you are naked in public means that you are dealing with a situation in life that makes you feel vulnerable and ill-prepared.

6. If you have dreamt that you really need to go to the bathroom but cannot find one, it means that you are having a hard time expressing your needs in life. A toilet is a symbol of a place that responds to our bodies' most basic needs.

7. Your teeth falling out in a dream means that you are not feeling confident in your life. Teeth are symbols of our power and confidence in dreams so when they fall out in dreams, we are lacking in both.

Dreams about being chased represent issues in your life that you know you need to face head-on, but are not sure how.

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