Smokers Vs. Non-Smokers - Photos Of Twins Will Make You Quit Smoking Right Away

Smokers Vs. Non-Smokers

It’s no secret that smoking tobacco is bad for your health, and yet thousands upon thousands of people choose to do it anyway. Despite being taught as children and all of the anti-smoking campaigns-cigarettes are still being manufactured and sold at mass. Smoking can lead to problems later in life, such as:

  • Breathing Problems
  • Discoloration of Teeth and Skin
  • Cancer

Despite all of these definite implications, people choose to smoke anyway. Perhaps the change in appearance and health is so slow that people simply don’t care or don’t think about it until it’s too late.

Take a look at these 8 sets of twins. Out of the two of them, one is a smoker, and one is not.

Do you think you can figure out who is who? Try it out.

1. You can usually tell which one is the smoker by looking at the eyes. In these photos, the smoker is on the right. You can tell as his eyes have gotten smaller, and he’s dawning more wrinkles and a further receded hairline than his non-smoking brother.

2. This one is a bit more obvious. Again, on the right, these women barely look like twins. Having been a smoker for 16 years, you can see the discoloration in the right twin's skin and damage to her lips, eyes, and hair. She looks like she could be her twin's mother.

3. This time, the smoker is on the left. Did we trick you? Probably not. As you can see, the defined wrinkles and bags under the eyes of the smoking twin.

4. This one is a bit more subtle, with the smoking twin only smoking about two cigarettes a day- but you can still tell that it’s the one on the right with damaged hair and squinting eyes.

5. Another dead give away - the twin on the right is the smoker with her hair gone almost white and aged skin.

6. Both of these women are in their old age, so it’s a bit harder to tell- especially with the non-smoker featuring greying hair. Did we trick you? The smoker is the one on the right. You can tell by the dropping face and wrinkles.

7. This time, it’s the sister on the left. You can see patches of discoloration in her skin as well as wrinkles around her eyes and neck.

8. The wrinkles in the woman's lips on the right, as well as discoloration, make this one easy to guess.

Are non-smokers healthier than smokers?

Smoking tobacco is a detrimental habit for your health. According to a recent health report in the USA, nearly half a million deaths occur due to smoking. The first body organ that gets affected by smoking is your lungs, which affects your overall health. Here are some health issues and risks that smokers experience vs. non-smokers.

So many chemicals are contained in cigarette smoke, and they harm your respiratory system. Because of these chemicals, the lungs become inflamed, and then the lungs overproduce mucus. Those who smoke are at risk of bronchitis, pneumonia, and asthma attacks if the person already has asthma.

Chemicals in tobacco and cigarettes alter the lung’s cellular structure. By doing so, they limit the lung’s functioning surface area, affecting the effective exchange of the air we breathe, which results in shortness of breath.

Another risk factor related to smoking is developing emphysema or chronic bronchitis. In addition, smoking leads to many long-term health risks. It’s known that smokers are more likely to develop all forms of lung cancer than non-smokers.

And if all these health risks are not terrifying enough, there are more. Pulmonary cancer is a long-term health problem caused by smoking, and inhaling tobacco affects blood circulation, which increases the chances of heart attack, stroke, coronary artery disease, and damaged blood vessels.

Non-smokers do not have to deal with any of these health issues because they do not smoke, they do not inhale tobacco, and they have a strong immune system unaffected by the tobacco. Non-smokers do not fight nicotine dependency; they do not have any respiratory problems. Non-smokers appear more youthful because their skin is not affected by the nicotine or by the smoke. They also have healthier teeth and better oral health and are not at risk of developing throat cancer. They are also better at sports because they do not suffer from shortness of breath like smokers do, and they have more physical strength and energy.

What is the difference between a smoker and a non-smoker?

There has been plenty of published evidence to show that stopping smoking leads to a decrease in mortality and morbidity. According to the answers from the respondents to the Health and Lifestyle Survey, smokers have a tendency to eat more unhealthy foods such as french fries, fried food, and butter, and they eat less fresh fruits and vegetables. Unlike smokers, non-smokers are more likely to be interested in keeping fit, jogging, swimming, and doing sports in general. Non-smokers tend to be more health-conscious and have a healthier diet than smokers.

Another essential difference between smokers vs. non-smokers is the psychological one. Smokers seem to be more frustrated and more unhappy than non-smokers. Nicotine addiction makes smokers more restless and impatient. Non-smokers seem to be more focused, interested, determined, active, and inspired. Smokers' overall quality of life is worse, and they tend to have higher rates of addiction, depression, and anxiety than non-smokers. Additionally, smokers have a lower body mass index than non-smokers.

Another study also suggested that body muscles are another organ threatened by smoking, so smokers gradually lose physical stamina and have reduced active social and personal power.

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