28 Things Every 30-Year-Old Woman Should Quit Doing


If you are at the age of 30, you have undoubtedly learned many things by now (but you still have so much more to learn). Maybe you feel relaxed because you are no longer in your 20s, or perhaps you fantasize about reliving those same years. In the end, we are only human. However, if you are 30 by now, you should be aware of or possess a few things, such as:

  • Wisdom
  • Self-respect
  • Determination

Our 20s were a time of finding ourselves, bouncing against a few walls until we stuck to something (both professionally and personally), and trying to understand ourselves better. You might still find yourself doing that in your 30s, which is fine as long as you’re aware of it and working actively to make yourself better.

Unfortunately, not every 30-year-old has opened their eyes to the poor habits and attitudes they should have shed a long time ago.

Here are 28 things you should stop doing if you’re in your 30s (for your own good):

1. Having a poor skincare routine. If you’re in your 30s, you should already be washing your face every day with a formula built for your skin type and moisturizing regularly. Additionally, use muslin sheets on your bed, which are very gentle on the skin.

2. Keeping (and using) old makeup. Along the lines of the first item on this list, you should know not to use that 6-month-old mascara. Unless pink eye is like an edgy fashion statement for you.

3. Tanning. This item could go on any list: it applies to every gender and age. Tanning is harmful and ages your skin. You should be wearing sunscreen like your life depends on it.

The Skin

4. Binge-drinking like a college freshman. Funnily enough, this still applies to skincare items. Alcohol has horrible consequences on your skin, so drink in moderation.

5. Having poor taste in alcohol. That’s not to say you shouldn’t drink at all (that’s easier said than done), but at least move away from cheap, clear alcohol and onto more sensible liquor.


6. Not having a budget or any clear financial direction. By now, you should know your credit score, have a savings account and know exactly how much per week you can spend on lattes.

7. Racking up credit card debt. In case the previous item wasn’t obvious enough, stop making outlandish purchases using your credit card. Or if you do, pay your full statement at the end of every month.


8. Stalking old flames on social media. This level of self-inflicted disrespect has to go. You have better things to do with your time, like drink all that rich wine you just upgraded to.

9. Keeping friends you don’t like. Hey, we’ve all been there. It’s hard to recognize the signs that your gut is trying to send by twisting every time you hang out with That Person. You know who I’m talking about.

10. Blaming everyone else for your hardships and mistakes. At this point, you should have noticed that the common factor in all your failures is you. Work on what you can control: your attitude towards yourself and others.

11. Oversharing on social media. At what point does sharing become oversharing, you may ask? Think of it this way: every time you post that TMI Facebook update or tweet ask yourself, would I want a future employer to read this?

social media unfollow unfriend

12. Not having a hobby. I won’t preach and tell you to read and exercise more, but at least have an activity that you look forward to after work (other than sleeping and eating).

13. Believing that you don’t need to work out. I’m sorry, but I know I said I wouldn’t preach about exercising, but your lifespan literally depends on it. You can prevent so many chronic diseases just by running for 30 minutes every day.

14. Eating horrendously. Do this experiment: if one day you’re feeling particularly awful, drink some water, eat your recommended serving of fruits and vegetables, and cut out sugar and greasy food. You’ll see a difference within hours of doing that.

15. Being close-minded. The older we get, the harder it is to let go of our belief system. But keep this in mind: that attitude doesn’t improve you or the world around you when you replace empathy with aggression.

16. Not calling your parents/the people who raised you. Call your mother, father, or parental figure right now if it’s been more than a month (if you’re on good terms with them, that is).

17. Driving like a fool. If you’re starting to notice a lot of rage around you every time you get in your car, it’s time to rethink a few things. Also, don’t drink and drive. It’s not worth it.

18. Smoking. Just quit right now. Walk over to your pack of smokes, trash it, burn it, and scatter the ashes over the sea. We are made of perishable flesh; why would you speed up the process of dying?

19. Ignoring your health. Speaking of our perishable flesh, you know that thing that’s been bothering you for weeks? The dental/mental/physical problem you keep ignoring? It’s time to take care of it.

20. Not doing laundry for weeks. You should have built a routine by now where you have an exact day and time for taking care of that dirty business. If that pile of dirty clothes is the only other living organism in your room, you need to make some changes.

21. Gossip. Unless you’re 12, in middle school, or in a TV drama where the plot thrives because of the conflicts between gossipy people, then stop. Adults are beyond that. Do better.

22. Not knowing how to make yourself a meal. It’s not easy having a life full of responsibilities AND taking care of yourself. But if you don’t know some basic recipes to hit all those food groups that you need to ingest, you should change that.

23. Comparing yourself to others in your age group and gender. Say this out loud with me: the success/beauty/social status of others does not diminish my own. Go back to item 10 if you need more context.

24. Not knowing how to apologize. DELETE the following from your apologies: “I’m sorry if…” “I didn’t mean to…” “Sorry, your feelings got hurt.” Apologies are about taking responsibility for your actions.

25. Cleaning your bathroom, bed sheets, and floor only when someone is coming over. Again, you should have a sensible, responsible routine by now. Once a week will do. Just don’t wait for months for your grime and filth to build up.

26. Not knowing what’s going on in the world. It’s so easy to have access to world news. Download an app. Get a newspaper subscription. Being ignorant on purpose is a horrible quality to have, regardless of your age.

27. Getting your news exclusively from social media. This one is for those people who read item 26 and thought, “Oh, I’m good. I just read the trending topics on Facebook.”

28. Thinking that you can’t wear something because you’re 30. We live in a world that loves to pick apart women’s choices like it’s a profitable business (it is!). So wear whatever you love and mute the people who can’t mind their own business.

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