What Are The Seven Types Of Belly Buttons And What Do They Reveal About You?

Belly Button Types, Shapes

Your belly button may not be something you flaunt frequently, but it holds more importance than you might think. Regardless of whether it's an innie or an outie, this tiny hole can potentially reveal details about your relationships and even give insights into your lifespan, according to experts. Your belly button stays with you throughout your entire life, and the way it forms and scars from the healing of the umbilical cord can apparently reveal a lot about your personality.

Perfectly Round

If the shape of your belly button resembles a flawless circle, you're the kind of person who leads a calm and harmonious life. You're a remarkably down-to-earth person and hardly let anything bother you. Your spirituality runs deep, but you prefer to keep it private. From time to time, the fast pace of modern life can be a bit overwhelming for you, so you find solace in living a peaceful life away from the fast-paced world.

Long And Skinny

This type of belly button is likely to be quite shallow. People with this particular shape of belly button are resilient and courageous, and constantly strive to excel in whatever they do. Furthermore, if you have this belly button shape, you are probably prone to perfectionism and despise being in situations where you lack control. Despite their achievements in all spheres of life, these individuals may occasionally experience some anxiety and low self-esteem.


If your belly button is a wide, deep oval shape, chances are you find your greatest joy in guiding others. Whether in the role of a teacher, a parent, a therapist, or a social worker, you thrive in helping others reach their full potential. You're not one to seek the limelight for yourself, but you excel at motivating and inspiring others to be the best versions of themselves. Some may perceive you as bossy or controlling, but many view you as a powerful guiding force and a trusted mentor.


Outie or protruding belly button that pops out instead of going in is the least common navel shape, but it is quite prevalent among kids. Nevertheless, the majority of individuals grow out of it. Grown-ups with an outie belly button might sometimes be labeled as childish, but it's more probable that they simply exude a vibrant and energetic aura. You're the type of individual who will always be referred to as "young at heart," even in your golden years. Individuals with this type of navel shape are often sporty and possess a special fondness for team sports that can be savored with friends.

Bow Tie

If your belly button is like a horizontal oval and slightly squeezed in the center, it indicates that you're a smart and inventive thinker. You likely excelled in school, particularly in math and science. Sometimes, you can be lost in your thoughts, as you're always planning ahead. When it comes to socializing, you tend to be introverted and prefer the company of a few individuals who comprehend your absentminded-professor tendencies!


Having a flat belly button indicates that you are famous for your idealistic and creative nature, driven by a deep passion for discovering beauty in the smallest details. The arts may hold a special place in your heart. However, you may find it challenging to establish a stable path and settle down for a while. But that's perfectly fine because you understand that life is all about embracing the journey, regardless of its twists and turns.


Individuals with a long, horizontal belly button that narrows on both sides often possess the natural talent to effortlessly engage in conversation. It's not uncommon to find yourself pursuing a career in journalism, sales, or acting. While your charm and eloquence are well-known, you occasionally battle with self-doubt and may require solitude to regain your confidence.

Final Thoughts

While the shape of your belly button may seem insignificant, it can provide fascinating insights into your personality and life. Embracing and understanding these characteristics and strengths associated with each shape can help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and navigate through life with a greater sense of self-awareness.

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