Mother Of Two ‘Delivered’ A Cancerous Tumor After Thinking She Was Pregnant And Survived


The only way a society can progress and develop is for events and discoveries to be created. The regrettable part of these events and discoveries is that they have the power to have adverse effects on people. One such example is cancer. Sadly, we have been looking for a cure for centuries but have not been successful in finding it. During that process, we have come to learn about many different types of cancers and the unexpected events that include them.

Lauren Knowles is a prime example. The now mother of two beautiful children was forced to give birth to a cancerous tumor in a hospital toilet after she thought she was pregnant.

For more information on her story, keep reading.

Knowles, who is from Aberdeen, Scotland, thought she was 7 weeks pregnant only to find out that her unborn child was actually a deadly disease. She was only 27 years old when she took a pregnancy test that read positive. But once the 7th week came around, she noticed that she was spotting, so she went and had a scan done.

The results from the scan indicated that she was suffering from a molar pregnancy, which is a cluster of cells that is called gestational trophoblastic disease.

So doctors acted quickly and removed the cancerous tissue, and she began chemotherapy. Unfortunately, after all that treatment, the tumor was still growing rapidly. But after long, grueling stomach pains, Knowles finally gave birth to the cancerous mass after she felt a sudden urge to push.

Knowles is now 29 and says that she was extremely relieved once the tumor was out of her system because it meant that she was cancer-free. The tumor was the size of a pear!

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