7 Positions Of A Mole On Your Face And What It Means For Luck And Fortune

mole on face

Aside from being the subject of interest for dermatology, moles are also somehow related to a number of beliefs. Chinese astrologers have analyzed the position of moles on our bodies and have characterized their positions as positive or negative, depending on their color, size, and position on the face. Others tend to believe moles are secret imprints carried over from previous lives or that they hold messages of good fortune or misfortune.

If you have a mole in any of these seven places on your face, this is what it could mean!

1. A center forehead mole means that someone is brave and that they are straightforward in getting what they want in life. It’s said that moles on the center of the forehead indicate that any future negotiations will go smoothly.

2. Forehead moles on either the left or right side above the eyebrow are said to be lucky. These moles indicate luck in one’s career, making them likely to live a busy and productive life, and can represent a steady flow of money in life.

3. Having a mole in the middle of the eyebrow is said to be a sign that any hard work will soon start to pay off or that an unexpected fortune will roll in.
If these moles are underneath the eyebrow, it’s a signal for abundant wealth. If the mole is hidden from view, it’s said to be even more significantly special.

4. A mole on the nose means that you are very good with money and that previous investments will come back to you as something more valuable.

5. A mole between the nose and the cheek means that you will soon see the result of your savings and investments.

6. People with moles on the side of their noses are said to be particularly good at protecting their bank accounts and will reap the benefits in the future. A mole on the tip of the nose indicates a successful career, but with its precarious position, it can represent instability.

7. A mole on the nostril is said to be a sign of luck with money and that you enjoy the finer things in life. If you have a mole on your nostril, it’s time to test out your luck and hit up a casino or buy a lottery ticket.

Many Chinese astrologers say that reading moles can give clues to ‘energy channels’ as they believe that changes in the body are caused by emotional or physiological responses to life events.

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