7 Awesome Life Hacks You Can Do With A Drill


A good list of life hacks is always very helpful. You probably thought you were well acquainted with all possible life hacks, but I will tell you some quite astonishing things that you can do with a drill. Most people own a drill in their home, which can be used for practical purposes!

You can use a drill to:

  • Screw
  • Peel
  • Clean

As long as you know what you’re doing, your drill can be used for quite a few things. And there are also a few tips on how to improve your drilling experience. Please proceed with caution, and don’t try any of these at home!

Convenience is key in this one, so without further ado, here are 7 awesome life hacks you can do with a drill:

1. Let’s start with the basics! Instead of spending a ton of time and effort using a screwdriver to screw something in place, why not just use your electric drill? Simply place the screw inside the drill head, and you’re good to go.

2. For the cooks at home: Thinking about baking an apple pie? This hack can help you peel an apple in literally seconds. Attach a drill bit to your drill and then slide the apple on through its core. Turn the drill on so the fruit spins, and hold the vegetable peeler above the apple. The apple will basically peel itself!

3. This one’s for the coffee lovers: want a tasty latte but don’t have a milk-frothing machine? Don’t worry! Simply cut a wire coat hanger and make sure to leave a small hook at the end of the straight line. Attach the straight end to your drill and use this to froth your drink!

4. If you love doing your own handiwork, you’re gonna like the sound of this. How about a handy drill tip? For easy access to screws, use some hot glue to attach a magnet to the top of your drill. Now you’ll be able to store a couple of screws right at your fingertips.

5. For the artists and students: Don’t have a mechanical pencil sharpener? That’s okay; you can make one! All you have to do is attach a pencil to the end of a drill and then insert the other end into a pencil sharpener. Turn on the drill and watch as the pencil shavings begin to pile up. The same thing works if you glue a battery to the sharpener and attach it to your drill instead.

6. Here’s one for the people working with a computer: Got a messy keyboard? Turn your drill into a cleaning tool by attaching a toothbrush head to the end of the drill. Do this by cutting off the toothbrush head and drilling a hole in the center. Attach a screw to this and then attach it you your drill, and you’re ready to go!

7. For the person who does the handiwork but loves neatness: Drilling holes and making a mess? You can avoid this by placing a sticky note on the wall underneath the hole you are drilling. All of the debris will fall onto the paper as opposed to on the ground.

There you have it! 7 awesome life hacks that can be accomplished using a drill. Which one was your favorite?

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