Princess Eugenie And Princess Beatrice May Be Royals, But They Have Regular Jobs Like Us

Princess Eugenie And Princess Beatrice

Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice are the daughters of Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, and Sarah, the Duchess of York. Prince Andrew is the second son and the third child of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. Despite being the second in line to the throne at the time of his birth, Prince Andrew has since dropped down to number five.

As a result, his two daughters, Princess Eugenie and Beatrice, are sixth and seventh in line for the throne.

And unlike many of the royals that we see donning the balconies of Buckingham Palace, the two girls have regular day jobs just like the rest of the citizens.

Beatrice is 28 years old while her younger sister, Eugenie, is 26 years old. Despite being princesses in title, the two women are not actually afforded the same luxuries as other members of the royal family.

While they are close to the throne, the sisters are realistically probably never going to sit atop the throne.

Prince Charles is the heir (next in line) followed by his eldest son, Prince William (who is married to Kate Middleton), then William and Kate’s son, Prince George (who is merely four years old,) followed by Prince Harry (who is set to get married to Meghan Markle) and then finally it is the girls’ father, Prince Andrew.

Being so far down the line means that the sisters are not entitled to the Sovereign Grant, which is an annual percentage of money that the Crown Estate gets for financially backing the Royal Household and the tours and visits that they go on.

The girls’ father, Prince Andrew, has reportedly asked the Queen to grant his daughters a piece of the Sovereign Grant but his request was denied.

It has been reported that Prince Andrew wanted to get his daughters into the elite class of ‘full-time’ royals which comes with royal duties and a place to stay in Kensington Palace.

But apparently, it is Prince Charles who has been pushing for the ‘Magnificent Seven’ which includes the Queen and her husband, himself and the Duchess of Cornwall, William and Kate, as well as Prince Harry. And when they became older, Prince George and Princess Charlotte will join that elite tier as well.

Furthermore, the sisters are not allowed to join royal engagements like Prince William and Harry and as a result, they spend holidays such as Christmas and/or royal weddings at Sandringham instead.

If the sisters decide to have children their offspring will not be given royal titles. As a result, other Princesses have not asked for royal titles for their children. So far, the sisters have compiled a pretty remarkable resume. Beatrice has a degree in history and history of ideas at Goldsmiths College. She then worked for Children in Crisis, and then as a private equity analyst at Cabot Square Capital.

It was reported by The Telegraph that Beatrice would follow ‘in the footsteps of her father the Duke of York by setting herself up as a business matchmaker and winning her first high-profile client in the shape of would-be stock market debutant Afiniti.’

Eugenie, on the other hand, earned a degree in English literature and history of art from Newcastle and has worked in the auction house world ever since.

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