Crazy Transformations of 15 Celebrities Before and After Fame


Our looks most certainly change significantly during puberty. Some experience an extremely positive change and go from an ugly duckling to a gorgeous swan, while others have a less dramatic transformation.

Regardless, there’s a noticeable difference in how you looked when you were younger and now. With celebrities, we are used to seeing them looking flawless. But they weren’t always beacons of perfection.

Before fame, these 15 celebrities didn’t have an entire glam squad working for them. And it’s pretty obvious. Some of them you won’t even recognize, and others might even make you cringe.

Here are 15 celebrities who looked totally different before fame:

1. Can you tell who this is? It took us a few seconds too. George Clooney is one of the best-looking actors in Hollywood, but he’s gone through some changes.

2. This picture of Brad Pitt is slightly embarrassing (that bowl cut!). But hey, it shows how far he’s come from his mushroom-cut days.

3. Jennifer Aniston is aging pretty well. She still looks the same as she did when she was on Friends. But before that show, she had an awkward goth phase.

4. Do you recognize her? That’s Taylor Swift. It’s obvious that she’s grown out of her adorable chubby days. Her hairstyle is different too!

5. Avril Lavigne got her fame pretty early on. But before her “sk8er boi” fame, she definitely looked like your everyday, next-door girl!

6. The Rock wasn’t always in tip-top shape and looked like a model. There was a point in time where he looked like a regular kind of guy.

7. If you wish you looked like Megan Fox, here’s a newsflash for you…she didn’t always look the way she does now. She’s come a long way since her braces phase!

8. For Denzel Washington, the older he gets, the better-looking he becomes. Before fame, Denzel looked like a completely different person.

9. Kanye West didn’t always have the best taste in style. In fact, looking at his photo before fame, we would have never guessed he’d once have a fashion line!

10. Okay, we have to admit Sandra Bullock looks more or less the same as she did before Hollywood, but her style has definitely come a long way.

12. Snoop? Is that you? Apparently, it is! Judging by his youthful outfit choice, it looks like the rapper is aging backward, looking younger and younger as he ages.

12. Puberty has worked wonders for Doutzen Kroes, who eventually became a Victoria’s Secret model. It just shows what a change you can go through in your life.

13. This photo of Zac Efron is like night and day. Today, this actor is loved by all the ladies, but we highly doubt it was always this way. Unless the girls loved this haircut back then.

14. Nicole Kidman is one of the best examples of how much Hollywood can transform a person from ordinary to one of the most beautiful actresses ever.

15. Who knew that this adorable little freckly boy would eventually turn into one of the hottest athletes in the world? David Beckham definitely went through a crazy transformation!

Even though all these celebrities look incredible today, this wasn’t always the case. Some of them went through a style transformation, while others went through a more intense change. What’s your favorite celebrity transformation?

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