Empath’s Frequency Is Truth, That’s Why It’s Impossible To Lie To Them

Intuitive Empaths

Empaths are the truly gifted souls out there. Their amazing power lies in their ability to feel everything that happens around them. They can absorb the emotions of others and feel them as their own and that’s why they can empathize with every being on this planet.

If you are blessed to have an empath in your life, then you probably know that you can’t lie to them even if you want to because they have that amazing ability to see through people’s eyes and discover things others are not able to see or recognize. No matter how much you try to hide something from your empath, they will always know the truth.

Sometimes, the empath will let you think that they bought the lie, but don’t get fooled. If they let you get away with your lie, that’s not because they weren’t able to see the lie, but because their mission is promoting goodness and positivity and so, if they thought that the lie would benefit you in some way, they will go with it.


Empaths will always try to justify you for doing things you shouldn’t because they can understand your motives even if you yourself cannot. Empaths see everything on a deeper level, and that’s why they are so understanding and compassionate.

Moreover, because of their healing abilities, the empath may try to help you become a better version of yourself and heal your wounds. But, they understand that they are not capable of transforming every person, so they also know when it’s time to leave you. The empath will believe in your abilities for change and offer you a helping hand if you are willing to accept.

That’s what makes empaths the most selfless people in the world. Sadly, there are people who take advantage of their good nature…

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