16 Comical Signs From The Women’s March

Women’s March

Millions of people from around the globe gathered at the 2017 Women’s March and became part of history. The inauguration of President Donald Trump was the motive for thousands of people to protest in cities around the world and for men and women of different ages to march altogether and carry protest signs and hats.

The protest was organized due to the following reasons and issues:

  • Women’s Medical Rights
  • LGBT Rights
  • Minority Issues

Average citizens and celebrities alike supported the protest, including Emma Watson, Kristen Stewart, and Amy Schumer. With an estimated 2.9 million people taking to the streets of New York and Washington, The Women’s March became the largest one-day protest in US History. The marches called out controversial statements made by Trump in the past and his treatment and opinions of women. Some of the signs in protest featured powerful statements, and others were hilarious.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the funniest and most powerful signs seen at The Women’s March.

1. The rest of this woman’s sign was kind of crass, but you get the picture. She’s clearly frustrated at the fact that history is repeating itself.

2. This one is hilarious; it really goes to show just how many people feel passionate about these issues.

3. This sign is adorable and sends a positive message about staying informed and educated during these scary times. It’s inspiring to see all the young children of the next generation participating in the marches.

4. This guy’s one-word sign really sums up how the majority of the world is feeling right now.

5. This subtle jab is fire, and the use of giant googly eyes to represent the “eye emoticon” is pure genius.

6. This young lad using a Bieber reference is hilarious and clever. Look at the confident smile on this lad's face. Another example of a young person who is being brought up correctly and is staying informed and educated.

7. Saturday, January 21st, 2017, can truly be seen as a historical event that will be talked about forever. This guy even essentially admits to not being one to protest but feeling the need to do so anyway.

8. This jab at the POTUS hairstyle resulted in a funny pun. While we’re not saying anything about anyone’s hairstyle, the little cartoon included is pretty on point.

9. The Women’s March served as a platform for several issues, as Trump’s presidency can result in bad news for tons of minority-centered initiatives.

10. Some people decided to call out to Melania personally, letting her know that they actually stand with her in certain ways.

11. Like this girl who tries to send her a humorous but dark request.

12. This post which is more on the powerful side, suggests that women are strong and will always prevail, survive, and speak up for what is right.

13. Another shout-out to Melania and a jab at an infamous quote from Trump.

14. Getting a bit sillier now, bringing in some slang from England to insult Trump with the humor of a fourteen-year-old. It’s pretty genius.

15. This guy who tells it like it is. While it’s not only women who were “pissed” off, this guy shows his support, and it’s pretty funny.

16. This simple yet effective jab is genius. The fact that it’s sloppily printed onto a plain piece of cardboard makes it even better. In a similar photo, a man holds a sign that reads something along the lines of “a bad sign for a bad president.”

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