How Exosomes Play a Role in Hair Follicle Development



Regenerative medicine and treatments are, at their core, all about encouraging the body to naturally repair itself from damage. It helps stimulate the self-healing abilities within our bodies at a cellular level. This holistic approach extends to skincare and hair health as well, and Calecim Professional stem cell haircare products are a notable example. Calecim’s proprietary ingredient, PTT-6, contains over 3,000 growth factors, exosomes, and proteins sourced from ethically derived stem cells. This, in turn, helps revive and rejuvenate both the skin and scalp. 

It’s also important to understand that the skin on your scalp is not all that different from the skin on the rest of your body—both are made of a similar composition. The primary distinction is primarily the densely packed hair follicles on your scalp, which can be likened to pores extending through several layers of skin. However, through research, it’s understood that any application of topicals has a much higher rate of absorption through the scalp than even the outermost layer of the skin barrier—by nearly ten times!


This discovery has important implications for those suffering from hair loss and looking for ways to address it using products like Calecim's Advanced Hair System. This product has become increasingly popular with its users and is also backed by scientific studies. The product is formulated to stimulate hair growth while simultaneously enhancing the quality and thickness of existing hair. A recent study found that after using the application for 12 weeks, each hair shaft increased in diameter by an impressive 16%. Additionally, new hair follicles were activated during the process as well, adding to the overall number of hairs on the scalp!

It’s no secret that the quality of hair is closely connected to the health of the scalp; the more ideal the conditions for hair growth, the stronger the foundation for your lovely locks is. Validated by thousands of satisfied customers, the popularity and efficacy of Calecim's Advanced Hair System further reinforce the notion that a treatment focusing on the scalp is an effective way to address hair loss and improve the overall state of your hair.

A key element is the patented formulation, PTT-6®. It contains exosomes, cytokines, and growth factors, which work together to stimulate skin cells and speed up the skin's natural renewal processes. This makes the skin look younger and improves its overall epidermal health. Wondering how exactly it has such a powerful effect on the skin?

Growth factors are naturally occurring proteins produced by various cells in the human body, and as the name suggests, they have a vital role in stimulating growth, healing wounds, and regenerating living tissues. They do this by aiding in the production of components that give a boost to things like skin firmness and elasticity while reinforcing the skin barrier. Cytokines, on the other hand, are small, secreted proteins that facilitate specific effects between various types of cells. They assist in regulating the immune system in addition to supporting skin repair. 

On the other hand, exosomes, including proteins and growth factors, are crucial in facilitating intercellular communication. They are minuscule vesicles that are released from cells and serve as messengers to support skin healing. The source of the exosomes and the directives that they deliver play a key role in determining their effectiveness in contributing to regenerative medicine.


CALECIM® utilizes all of these components to develop stem cell haircare products that operate on the principle of regenerative therapy. The aim is to promote healthy, youthful skin and hair by harnessing the power of PTT-6®, which comprises over 3,000 active growth factors, cytokines, and vast amounts of exosomes. This potent mix builds up skin repair processes and promotes the development of healthy cell functions and the generation of skin cells. It also triggers hair follicle cell production and reduces inflammation on the scalp, which serves as an efficacious female and men’s hair loss treatment

The Advanced Hair System and Professional Serum from Calecim are designed with optimised formulations and pH levels to cater to the specific needs of both hair and skin. The former is a user-friendly solution that acts as a shot of revitalization to dormant hair follicles, enabling enhanced scalp health with at-home treatments. While Calecim’s Professional Serum is often used synergistically with in-clinic procedures like microneedling to accelerate recovery times, it has also proven beneficial for at-home skincare routines for an extra boost in regenerative power.

The formulations in these two products are differentiated by the ratio of growth factors and proteins that are selected for their effects on skin and hair. This suitability for skin and hair is also reflected in the different pink hues which indicate a difference in pH. Any alteration in pH can signal contamination, rendering the active proteins ineffective.

Retaining healthy, youthful skin and a strong hair cycle requires a careful balance of cellular functions and chemical messaging. When it comes to revolutionising both skin and hair care, medical professionals have long understood the potential that lies in the right mix of exosomes, growth factors, and cytokines. With Calecim's innovative use of PTT-6® and its powerful combination of growth factors, cytokines, and exosomes, it's now possible to tap into your body's natural ability to heal and further enhance its rejuvenation qualities and overall appearance, to serve as a powerful hair loss treatment and waking up the dormant hair follicles. 

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