15 Kids Who Cut Their Own Hair With Hilariously Disastrous Results

Kids Who Cut Their Own Hair

If you are a parent, you know how important it is to make your home childproof and ensure your child has no access to drawers or forbidden items. However, those little geniuses are very resourceful and clever, and while unattended, they somehow manage to find a way and access your pair of scissors.
Within seconds, their first instinct is to grab the scissors and use them immediately by giving themselves a spontaneous haircut.

It is as if children experience a sudden and unavoidable urge to chop their hair without training and eventually end up with catastrophic results. As one would expect, the final hairdo would be embarrassing and hilarious and end up in the family photo album to be shared with family members in the future. Not a very proud moment, I know.

Here we present to you 15 mischievous kids who got way too excited about using the scissors and cutting their hair, only to end with ridiculously catastrophic results:

1. The moment you see your daughter for the first time with a brand new self-invented hairstyle is quite unforgettable. This little creative girl apparently decided to experiment and try a reverse mohawk. Maybe she got inspired by the hairdo of the characters from her favorite cartoon.

2. Being known as ultimately impatient, we should not be surprised that children will not be willing to wait for their bangs to grow, but instead, they will just cut them and make them vanish completely. Why wait and worry when you can solve the problem with the snip of the scissors?

3. Children often want to imitate their parents, and boys would do anything to look like their daddy. One mom, Natalie LeBaron, wrote on her Facebook profile: “He wanted his hair to match his daddy’s,” “I found him in the playroom with my peanut trimmers cutting off all his pretty red hair!” It’s no use crying over spilled milk now, but at least he got to look exactly like his dad.

4. Yes, we know the mohawk is such a popular hairstyle these days, and even kids want to adopt this look, and if mom or dad doesn’t agree, you take matters into your own hands (and scissors) and do it by yourself. However, this attempt failed due to a lack of expertise and experience by the future prospective hairstylist, and the brave kid ended up with an unplanned empty hair part. Who needed that extra hair anyway!

5. I honestly don’t believe there has been a single successful attempt at self-grooming that turned out well. Worried mom Kelly Keefe-Taylor wrote on Facebook: “My son Jackson (6yrs old) shaved his eyebrow right before picture day with his dad’s nose hair trimmers.” It will be a picture to remember for sure.

6. Erica Robinson shared this unique photo of her brother’s DIY hairdo by writing, “When your 5-year-old brother cut his hair because he said he wants to look crispy for the girls.” The boy might still be just a kid, but he knows he has to be stylish to score with the girls.

7. Not long before this girl left the scissors, she became overwhelmed with shame and regret. It’s probably a smart idea to get some thick headbands, just in case. Ah, the desire for a brand-new look!

8. These two partners in the cut-your-own-hair crime share the responsibility for their new hairstyle, but unfortunately, the new look and their new bangs seem acceptable only for one of them.

9. Jennifer Dominguez remembers how her son got inspired to change his looks and chop his hair. She wrote on Facebook, explaining, “We get home, I go into the kitchen to finish cooking dinner about 5 mins later he comes downstairs so happy and excited and exclaims, ‘Mom, do you like my nice new hair cut?’ I almost had a heart attack.”

10. Unsurprisingly, kids would always go for the top of their heads when cutting and trimming away. They find it the most convenient place to start. This, in turn, makes it impossible to remedy the situation and salvage any leftover hair.

11. When you have children at home, it is impossible to leave anything unattended. Someone would immediately get their hands on it and see how it works. This mom expressed concern and wrote, “My husband had trimmed his beard and left the buzzers on the bathroom sink! Big mistake!!”

12. This kid is a hairstylist in the making, putting so much effort into his brand new undefined look, accompanied by a marker all over his face. After all, you have to stand out, right?!

13. As one would expect, hairdressers are the heroes parents turn to and put all their hopes in when dealing with a chopped hair disaster. But once so much hair has been cut, only one option is left.

14. One dad shared his story on Reddit, saying, “His older brother thought this was funny,” and alongside his haircut of shame photo, he posted, “His father does too!” Well, if you can’t change it, then you can laugh about it!

15. Another dad also wrote on Reddit, “My kid decided to trim his eyebrows. When he cut them too short, he decided to cut hair from his head and glue it to his eyebrows. He immediately regretted his decision.” At least he was being resourceful and trying to find a solution.

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