Here Is A Chance To Take A Tour Of The Obamas’ New Home

Obamas’ New Home

After January 20th, President Barack Obama will become a former President of the USA, which implies that he will have to vacate the White House and look for another residence for his family. He and his wife Michelle have announced recently that they plan to remain in the DC area where their children can complete their high school education, and it has been reported that they have found their new home. In case you were the President leaving and needed a new home, then the following would have to be included:

  • Granny-suite for Marian Robinson, Michelle’s mother, who currently lives with them.
  • Amazing kitchen for the “First Lady of Food” to prepare her famous healthy school lunches.
  • A rockin’ rec room for Barack to get his NBA 2K game on.

Well, it seems as though they’ve found the perfect place, and wouldn’t you know it, it’s just down the street from the Clintons. The neighborhood also apparently includes several embassies, and the house is currently owned by a former White House press secretary, so the President is in good company.

Here is a look inside the stunning soon-to-be home of the Obama family from its last listing in 2014.

The 8,200-square-foot home is quite large enough to house the family, with its gorgeous manicured yard. They’ll be renting the house for a whopping $22,000 a month.

The doorway is a beautifully intricate design, with lanterns on each side. It seems like you’d be walking into an incredibly ornate home, but in fact, it’s quite modern.

The front entrance likely reminds them of the white house, with its stark color scheme.

One of the staircases; That’s probably the most expensive stair liner in existence. Hope they don’t have a dog, or it’ll be ruined in no time.

A look at the main living room. Though those chairs probably cost more than my rent, they don’t look that comfortable. The fireplace is gorgeous, though I’m unsure if they’ll actually ever use it.

The beautiful kitchen with all the trimmings. That cow painting seems out of place, but perhaps I just don’t appreciate great art.

The dining room looks straight out of King Arthur. It's a great place for their war meetings on how to make Sasha student-body president.

This is just the pantry. It’s three times the size of my apartment kitchen and has appliances I’ve never seen before.

Here are 1 of the 9 ½ bathrooms this place has. Who needs 9 ½ bathrooms at any time or any function? This one is big enough for a whole family.

Just a casual sitting room that rivals the best living room I’ve ever seen. Another gorgeous fireplace and a view of the backyard.

A dressing room for whoever has the most clothes. Most would be Michelle, but I bet Barack has a truckload of tailored suits.

Somehow even in the pristine white color scheme, they’ve managed to make the basement rec room look inviting. With some dark wood accents, it looks like a great place to kick back. The wet bar addition doesn’t hurt.

Another sitting room, this time with some gorgeous French doors out to the patio. More odd art, including the many-faced vase on the table.

The outside is just as amazing, including room for 10 parked cars and a sweet basketball court for Barack. Maybe he’ll have Bill over for a little one-on-one.

The neighborhood is an example of beautiful old architecture, though it doesn’t quite match the new Obama residence. There are several embassies on his street, including what looks like the Georgian one on the left in this photo.

Who wouldn’t want this family living down the street from them? If that isn’t the picture of the perfect American family, I don’t know what is.

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