20 People With Utmost Confusion About Fashion

Weird fashion

When discussing the topic of fashion, there are moments when someone can be overly fashionable. Let us greet and welcome the latest internet sideshow of specific, most horrible styles ever. By now, you must be wondering why some people choose to wear the things they find attractive when the entire world is convinced that they look ridiculous.

Well, we might never know the real answer to this question. Could it be that someone just hasn’t taken the time to explain to them the outfit they chose to wear looks absurd? Or perhaps they’re fully aware and chose to be defiant anyway. Where are the Queer Eye boys when you need them?

We, of course, can’t entirely blame the people for wearing these outfits. After all, some of them were designed by people who thought they might look good. Surely, if a designer thought an article of clothing looked nice, then it’s acceptable to wear. Wrong! This is not always the case, people. You need to think before purchasing.

The following 20 images show some of the most mind-bogglingly worst fashions you could possibly think of:

1. Houndstooth Obsessed: This poor woman. This poor, poor woman. Somebody tell her. Please. There’s having a nice Houndstooth coat, but having matching pants, boots, and a handbag? I wouldn’t be shocked if she was wearing Houndstooth undergarments and socks.


2. Backward Top: Maybe she just didn’t notice, but this top is clearly backward. Who leaves the house with a backward top like this? Is she getting any support on the other side? Poor dear.

3. Low-Shorts Catastrophe: Gather around people and listen to every Grandfather that ever lived simultaneously sigh at this young man’s fashion choices. Young man, pull up your pants. Nobody wants to see or smell your stinky behind. It’s okay to show a little bit of your boxers if that’s the look you’re going for. It’s not okay to show everyone your dingle-dangly bits.


4. What Is Happening: Somebody, please buy this boy a belt. We thought the last pants choice was bad, but this is on an entirely different level. Wouldn’t he have to waddle like a penguin the entire time? Are you hiding some hams between your thighs? What purpose does this serve other than being a terrible inconvenience the entire time?

5. Denim Disaster 1: You have to admire this person’s ingenuity when it comes to creating a unique top, but really? It just looks like you don’t know how to wear pants. This is a travesty. Somebody buy this person a real denim jacket.


6. Fish Shoes: No. Just… no. Fish feet shows will never be a thing. Stop trying to make it a thing. I’m looking at you, Bass Pro Shops. Everybody stop selling these dang things.

7. Plunger Hat: This is absolutely ridiculous. We acknowledge, however, that this person is at a music festival, and therefore ridiculous dress-up is encouraged. However, we’re genuinely concerned about whether or not this plunger was washed before he used it.

8. Wookie-Lookie: This poor lady thought this jacket looked nice, but in combination with that wild hair, she looks more like a Wookie from the Star Wars Universe. Maybe in better lighting, this is a better look, but we can never know for sure.

9. Denim Disaster 2: Lord, almighty. Who in this world decided that jean-flippy floppies would look good? The whole point of flip-flops is to keep your feet cool in the summer. Now you’re wrapping them in fabric? I guess you’d have a lot more space to carry things with your new ‘feet pockets.’ This is such a disaster.

10. Cone Head: If only the fashion designer of this traffic cone hat showed a bit of caution when designing it. Or perhaps that was the whole point. Either way, this is awful. “Look out! Here comes bad taste!”

11. Mythical Creature: Hmm, we didn’t know Satyrs were allowed on public transit. Seriously, what kind of look is this? Is he actively trying to look like a wildebeest? I bet he’s nice and warm, though. On second thought, this man is a genius.

12. Skiing In Mexico: Check out these bad boys. Bet you don’t want to mess with them and their ski shoes. Seriously, just look at these things. They serve absolutely zero functionality other than looking positively ridiculous.

13. Napkin Head: Ah, yes. What better way to look formal than to don your brow with an enormous piece of unmanageable folded fabric? Imagine someone trying to get your immediate attention. You’d have to turn your head with a speed only rivaled by a snail. We’d like to know what this woman did when sitting down next to someone at a table. Better yet, did she have to take off this hat when she went to the bathroom?

14. Britney And The Pizza Pants: There’s too much happening here. Not only did this man actively choose to wear a T-shirt with a collage of Britney Spears, but he also chose to put on a pair of pepperoni pizza jeggings. Surely, if this man can afford a coffee at Starbucks, he can afford better clothing choices.

15. Fashion Existentialism: Ah yes, here we have a classic case of an existential fashion crisis. This article of clothing just isn’t sure what it’s trying to be. Is it a sweater? Is it pants? Are they… swants? The world may never know.

16. Ikea Fan: This woman loves IKEA too much. Yes, they provide affordable, trendy furniture; what they don’t specialize in is clothing and for a good reason. Stop trying to make IKEA clothes happen. They’re not going to happen.

17. Pigeon Shoes: Look out, this woman is stepping on pigeons. Just kidding, they’re just shoes. Terrible, terrible shoes.

18. The Roadkill Look: Oh, yes. If you ever wondered what a “slaughtered squirrel carcass dress” might look like, here you go.

19. Flower Power: KaPow! That’s the sound I imagine her behind made when she bent over. Oh wait, she’s not farting out flower petals… that’s her dress. My bad. Seriously, what is going on here? What designer thought this was a good look? I bet the person who designed this dress did so during the last day on the job. Good grief.

20. Hamburger Pants: You know what? I’m not even going to go there. These are hamburger pants, people. Hamburger pants. That’s all it is. It's just a poorly printed, completely unfortunate misprint of a hamburger.

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