Top 28 Unique Baby Names You Probably Never Heard Of


Teachers and peers no longer need any kid’s last name initial to recognize them. Choosing a memorable name is one of the most important points future parents check off their to-do lists before welcoming their baby into the world.

Below, we have listed the most unique baby names you should add to your list.

1. Adley

Starting off with the A’s, you can use this versatile baby name for either a boy or a girl. Interestingly enough, Adley is one of the rare names developed from different paths on the girls’ and boys’ sides but eventually became a unisex name. For boys, Adley came from a phonetic spelling of the Hebrew Adlai, which means “God is just.”

Adlai was an Old Testament name primarily associated with 1950’s liberal presidential candidate Adlai Stevenson. The girl's version of the name is an abbreviation of Hadley, an English place name and surname, which means “heather field.” Hadley rose significantly in popularity with each year and is believed to become this generation’s Haley. Adley, however, for both boys and girls, remains a name that has managed to stay under the radar. The two-syllable name certainly has a ring to it and could become much more common over the next few years.

2. Arnelle

A female name based on the popular male Arnold, Arnelle, is a rare name that has yet to make it into the top 2000 chart of popular baby names. The origin of the name is English, and only 161 babies have been recorded as having it as a first name from 1880 to 2015, according to the Social Security Administration.

3. Bexley

This girl’s name was taken from the location name of an affluent suburb in Columbus, Ohio, as well as a section of Greater London. The name became a growingly popular choice for parents looking for a unique name with various potential nicknames. The meaning of the name derives from Old English terms for box trees and woodland clearings.

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4. Bohdi

In Sanskrit, this name means ‘Awakened’ or ‘Enlightened’ and is connected to the Buddhist state of nirvana. The Bodhi tree is the large fig tree that the founder of Buddhism sat under to reach enlightenment. The name is typically given to boys and has become famous for celebrity parents.

5. Britta

Although you might be thinking about the water filter, it is also a female name popular in Scandinavia and Germany. It means ‘strength or exalted one’ and could be the perfect name for your little one.

6. Calla

This female name originated in Greek, and it means ‘beautiful.’ It can also be spelled with one L, making it the Arabic name Cala, which means fortress.

7. Cayson

Semi-made up and with several spelling variations, this is an example of parents getting more creative with their children's names. It’s only been around for about a decade and originated in America.

8. Dangelo

Originating in Italy, this baby boy's name is a variant of the word ‘Deangelo,’ which means ‘From the Angel’. Most people look at their children like little angels, so this name would be adorable.

9. Enoch

Another Hebrew name which is pronounced ‘EE-nok’ derives from the Hebrew name ‘Chanokh,’ which means dedicated.

10. Farren

This baby boy's name is French and has the English meaning of Adventurous. However, its meaning differs according to language. In Old French, it means ferret and the Irish meaning is ‘the land.’

11. Grecia

Originating in Latin, this name is a variant of the English name ‘Grace.’ It’s pronounced ‘Griy-Shah’ and was popular in the year 2015.

12. Harlyn

This is an English name with the meanings of ‘Grey land’ and ‘hare land.’ It can be either a boy's or a girl's name, which is a form of the name ‘Harlan.’

13. Ignacio

Pronounced ‘eeg-nah-thyo,’ this Spanish male name has been gaining popularity in the US and has the female form of ‘Ignacia.’

14. Joziah

This Hebrew name means ‘Fire of the Lord.’ It is a boy’s name and has been gaining popularity over the past two years.

15. Kael

You’re probably thinking of the leafy green vegetable that tastes great in salads. But flip around the e and the l, and you have this Gaelic name. It means ‘mighty warrior’ in Gaelic, but like most names, its meaning varies in different languages like most names.

16. Lilith

This boy’s name has a few different meanings. In Latin and French, it means ‘crowned with laurel,’ and its Celtic-Gaelic meaning is ‘Descendant of Lorcan.’

17. Malachi

The simple meaning behind this name is ‘my messenger, my angel,’ and it is of American and Hebrew origin.

18. Maxton

This boy's name has English-Scottish origins, and it means ‘settlement.’ It is similar to the more commonly used name Maxwell, and they both originated from the same place.

19. Nimah

Meaning ‘devotion,’ this name is of Arabic origin and is commonly used for females. Though it’s not popular in the US, it is used in countries all over the world.

20. Oriana

This Italian female name might derive from the Latin word ‘aurum,’ which means gold.  It is pronounced ‘O-ryah-nah’ and has appeared in several plays throughout the 17th century.

21. Quinten

Pronounced ‘kwen-tin,’ this baby boy's name has Dutch and Latin Origins. Its simple meaning is ‘fifth’ and it has been traditionally given to the fifth child born.

22. Roderick

This is a male name, and it’s used in English, Scottish, and Welsh. It has the meaning ‘famous power’ deriving from the German elements ‘hrod’ meaning fame and ‘ric’ meaning power.

23. Syden

It’s a bit unclear where this name originated, and it holds several meanings. It’s popularly used as a boy’s name, and some of its meanings include crowned, wreath, respectful, beautiful smile, and laughter.

24. Thea

This female name is used in German, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, and English. It can be the shortened form of ‘Dorothea’ or ‘Theodora’.

25. Uri

Originating in Hebrew, this name means ‘my light.’ This was also the name of the father of Bezalel in the Old Testament.

26. Vaughn

Although this name is more commonly used as a last name, as it is derived from a Welsh surname, it is still sometimes used as a first name. It is derived from the Welsh word ‘bychan,’ meaning ‘little’.

27. Weylyn

This boy's name has Celtic origins, and it means ‘song of the wolf’.

28. Zuri

Meaning ‘beautiful’ in Swahili, this name is commonly used in Eastern Africa. Names that start with a Z are not very common. Maybe this one will make its way to the US.


Rare Names With Deep Meaning For 2023

Every passing year, parents have new popular options for names they can endow their newborns with. The name is the first gift a child receives from their parents, and it should reflect your hopes and dreams for your little one. If you are a new parent deciding on a unique name in 2023, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some rare names with deep meaning for your little bundle of joy. 


In Greek mythology, Ariadne is the goddess of paths and labyrinths. This exquisite name is perfect if you are welcoming a baby girl into this world after a long fertility journey. 


This Gaelic gender-neutral name has a powerful meaning: ‘people of victory,’ bringing a positive message to your newborn.


A less-known Polish variant of the name Catherine, the meaning of this delicate name is ‘pure.’


For babies that joined this world in the early morning, this biblical name, meaning ‘morning star,’ is the perfect choice.


Carrying the name of one of Jupiter’s moons will give your little one a mysterious celestial connection.


The name of the goddess of beauty, love, and fertility promises a prosperous life for your baby girl. 


Meaning ‘a hero of God’ or ‘devoted to God,’ this Hebrew name is an excellent choice for devout religious families.


This is another celestial baby name that means ‘star’ in Old English and Greek.


With the meaning ‘ray of light,’ this beautiful Arabic name announces a shiny life path for your little girl.


A simple and trendy Scottish name, Kenzie means ‘the fair one.’

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This is the English version of the French female name Elaine, which means ‘shining light’ or ‘bright one.’ A perfect choice for your beloved baby girl that will light up your life!


Meaning ‘waves of the sea’ in Cornish, this unique name is a hopeful name for a baby girl that will grow up to be a wild and independent soul.


This Gaelic name, meaning ‘champion’ or ‘descendant of a chariot fighter,’ is a wonderful choice for your brave baby boy. 


This female name of Italian origin, meaning ‘dawn,’ embodies the hope and joy of a new day. 


For the most ambitious baby girls out there, this old French name means ‘queen.’


This Hebrew name comes from the word ‘seraphim,’ which refers to the glorious red-winged from the first hierarchy. Another meaning of this name is ‘fiery’ or ‘burning one.’


In Greek mythology, Thalia is a muse and goddess of idyllic poetry and comedy. Giving this name to your baby girl sets her up for a bright future.


This Hawaiian name means ‘cheerful,’ promising a happy life for your little one.


This is another option for parents with a passion for astronomy, denoting the fifth brightest star in the night sky.


Meaning ‘defender of the people’ in Greek, girls with this name surely have great goals ahead of them.

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