Cat Cuddler: The Ultimate Dream Job For Cat Lovers


All those tiny, fluffy feline friends in animal shelters and veterinary clinics need more attention than we think. These institutions are in increasing need of professional cat cuddlers. Yes, you’ve heard it right - job positions as a cat cuddler are a thing! This job will reward you with plenty of love, compassion, and warmth. So, what is the deal with cat cuddling as a job, anyway?

What Does A Cat Cuddler Do?

Cat cuddling may not be for everyone, but real feline enthusiasts would give everything up to have this job! Your role as a cat cuddler will include caring for tiny kittens and providing them with genuine care, love, and a safe place to grow happily until they are strong and old enough to get an adoptive home. The perfect cat cuddler has lots of love for animals and especially felines in their heart.   

As if the cuteness involved in this job wasn’t enough, cat cuddling is mostly flexible, which means you can set your own schedule as you adapt to the kittens’ needs. As long as the kittens under your care don’t need regular bottle feedings, you don’t have to monitor them 24/7. Foster programs for cat cuddling have specific instructions for welcoming your feline guests, allowing you to have another 9-5 job and look after kids, too.

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Is Cat Cuddling A Job?    

As much as it sounds too good to be true, cat cuddling has become a legitimate job in the last decade. In 2017, a Dublin veterinary clinic was in the spotlight for its job opening for professional cat cuddlers. “Cat Cuddler Needed!” was the title of the job advertisement at the Irish veterinary clinic devoted to cats, Just Cats Veterinary Clinic & Cattery.

  • Some of the essential questions this job post asked applicants included:
  • Are you a crazy cat person?
  • Have you counted kittens to fall asleep?
  • Do you feed the stray cats in your neighborhood?
  • Do you have a natural cattitude?

According to the advertisement, the ability to calm kittens who may be anxious about their visit to the vet is central to this job. Therefore, the primary qualifications include a soft-spoken attitude, gentle hands ready to pet and stroke cats for extended periods, and an ability to interpret different types of purring. Most people with limited knowledge of feline health interpret purring as a sign of happiness and serenity, but cats can sometimes also purr when they are afraid or under stress.

Veterinarian Aoife Caulfield explained to HuffPost that the skill set of the candidate who would ultimately get the job determined its formal title. Veterinary interns, nurses, and nurse’s assistants had an advantage as the most appropriate for this role. However, the essence of this job position is broader and includes providing a pleasant experience for feline patients while they receive veterinary care.

Caufield emphasized that cat owners often avoid taking their feline friends to the vet outside of emergency conditions because they tend to get stressed at the office, which results in cats not getting the veterinary care they need. This is precisely what Just Care wanted to change.

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How Much Do Professional Huggers Make?

The cat cuddler salary at Just Care varies between $22,000 and $28,000. Due to the widespread attention the initial job post got, it comes as no surprise that this awesome position has been very competitive. As Caulfield stated in 2017, the clinic got hundreds of applications and resumes from feline enthusiasts worldwide. 

However, there are other opportunities to work as a kitten cuddler. Animal shelters often seek volunteers willing to play and socialize with cats in their care. They are in especially dire need of cat cuddlers during the warmer months of the year when an overwhelming number of kittens are born. 

Rescue groups also frequently require foster homes for young homeless felines, which means you can cuddle kittens in your own home. Sure, you won’t receive payment for this, but cat sitting is greatly beneficial for your mental well-being.


Making cats happy and calm is more than just a job; it is a noble calling. Forming a genuine bond with a kitten can bring you a lot of joy and satisfaction. The extra income is just an additional benefit.

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