Empower Yourself: An Effective Guide To Self-Defense For Women

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Being a woman in a man’s world is a constant battle you have to be prepared for, both mentally and physically. From uncomfortable interactions with strangers on the bus to sexual harassment and assault, violation of our boundaries is a common experience for most women. 

Luckily, women are no longer damsels in distress who rely on indifferent bystanders to help them. By learning self-defense moves, you can empower and defend yourself in every situation.

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What Is The Most Effective Self-Defense For Women? 

With quality training over a considerable time, any martial art can work for protection and self-defense. However, some specific martial arts have proven to be the most suitable for this purpose. Let’s take a look at the five most effective self-defense techniques for women.

1. Judo

Judo is a Japanese martial art system that emphasizes throws and submissions instead of fast kicks or strong punches. Rather than building a strong and buffed-up body, judo focuses on simple moves that could help you pin or slam the assailant to the ground.

2. Aikido

Aikido is a Japanese martial art technique that teaches you to use the opponent’s force rather than your own in order to bring them down. This is one of the most effective self-defense strategies because it allows you to neutralize the conflict with quick throws and locks instead of engaging in a long battle.

3. Wing Chun

If you are looking for a martial practice invented by a woman for women, Wing Chun is the perfect choice for you. A Shaolin Temple nun, Ng Mui, initially taught this self-defense system to Yim Wing-Chun, a 15-year-old girl forced into marriage by a local warlord. This technique relies on close-range attacks, force deflection, and compound punches.

4. Tae Kwon Do

This Korean martial art, whose name means “the way of punching and kicking,” includes lethal moves that can quickly incapacitate an attacker. With its lightning-fast kicks, this technique can help women with relatively weaker upper body strength to defend themselves.

5. Krav Maga

This martial arts system stands out from the previous ones because it has no spiritual basis but is a purely physical foundation for self-defense. With this Israeli martial art practice, women can use any part of their bodies as a weapon in case of assault, especially their elbows and knees. In addition, Krav Maga teaches you to neutralize violent attackers even if they are armed.

How Can A Girl Learn Self-Defense At Home?

From languages to programming, we can learn various skills online these days, so why not self-defense? You can learn to defend yourself from the comfort of your own home by downloading the following apps on PlayStore or App Store:

  • COBRA Defense International: COBRA offers special training divisions based on real-life situations, such as ‘Teen and college safety,’ ‘Anti-abduction and child safety,’ ‘Active shooter response plans,’ and more. Apart from home study courses, this app allows you to purchase self-defense products. 
  • Quick Self-Defense: Created by the Colorss Foundation, an Indian NGO aiming to teach women and girls self-defense and mindfulness, this app offers nine easy techniques that women can use in dangerous situations.
  • Hyper Training Lab: This app contains professional video tutorials from martial arts athletes that can prepare you for any situation. As if that’s not enough, Hyper Training Lab offers rally points and badges to track and analyze your daily progress.

Should Women Carry Self-Defense Tools?    

Carrying self-defense tools can be a double-edged sword. Tools like knives and guns might offer a sense of protection, but unless you are properly trained, your assailant could take them and use them against you. The best self-defense tools for women are easy to access and have low to no risk of self-harm. Here are some options that fit this criteria:

  • Pepper spray
  • Stun guns
  • Tasers
  • Personal alarm keychains
  • Concealed self-defense rings


Acquiring self-defense skills is one of the best ways to invest in your safety as a woman. Learning to protect yourself in potentially dangerous situations doesn’t mean you live in fear; it means you are aware of the real risks of living in a patriarchal society. Get proper training and choose effective self-defense tools for your own peace of mind.

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