Test Your Personality By The Angle Of Your Thumb

Test Your Personality By The Angle Of Your Thumb

So many different personality tests are available and easy to take, but this one particular test is the simplest one among many and also the most accurate one. Even though it is impossible to claim that this personality test is 100% correct, those who have taken it are surprised by how exact and precise it is. The test is also quite amusing, and it allows you to learn about your friends' characters right away.

Just ask them to hold out their thumbs and point them upward as if giving the thumbs-up sign. What you need to do is check the angle of the thumb. Is it standing straight, or does it curve?

As it turns out, the shape of your thumb is indicative of certain personality traits. A straight thumb reveals that you’re a more serious person and less likely to have a personality that’s ‘animated’ and ‘lively.’ It doesn’t mean you’re a downer by any means, but you have a tendency to lean toward seriousness. On the other hand, a curved thumb indicates the opposite of a straight thumb. You have a tendency to be more expressive and more likely to be the life of the party.

This doesn’t mean that you’re incapable of seriousness; it’s just that your tendency to be more outgoing and expressive is a lot stronger than it is to be introverted and contemplative.

Try the thumb personality test for yourself. Are you straight or curved? Do you have a tendency towards seriousness or liveliness?

Do you find the results of this test to be an accurate reflection of your personality? Let us know.

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