Angry Wife Sends Epic Letter To Husband’s Mistress To Thank Her For Saving Her

Angry Wife

There is no greater disappointment or hurt than finding out that your love partner has been unfaithful and cheating on you. Cheating does a lot of damage because it causes:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Depression
  • Trust issues

It really is one of the worst things you can do to someone who loves and cares for you and not only has put their trust in you.

That’s why people have such heated reactions to finding out that they were cheated on; it is devastating. People get violent, crazy, vengeful, and the list goes on. One lady wrote an epic open letter on Facebook when she found out her husband was cheating on her.

Melanie started off her open letter by thanking her husband's mistress for basically saving her and her kids from her low-life husband.

She then breaks down the rules that the mistress will have to follow if she wants to keep her husband, whom she labels as a ‘prize.’ And first things first, his money is HERS!

She outlines that the mistress will need to provide clothing for him as his clothes disappeared in a massive black hole when she discovered the ‘love bites’ on him.

Things take a sort of dark turn when she points out that her husband will have limited contact with his kids, and the mistress will have none because of her reputation.

When the mistress reads this, you can imagine that her attraction to this man must be waning by the second as the wife outlines more and more pitfalls to being with him.

This lady certainly took a tough approach in this letter, and we commend her for it; we can almost feel the second-hand shame the mistress and husband must have felt reading it.

When someone apologizes to you after you hit them, you know you are in the right, but you are also dealing with a fool.

If this mistress didn’t regret her actions before, she most certainly did after reading that letter. In fact, who will take him with those rules?!

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