28 Caught Text Messages Exposing Cheaters and Liars

Text Messages Exposing Cheaters and Liars

Any healthy and functional relationship is based on honesty and communication. For those of you who believe that your significant other could be cheating on you, there are several available options to deal with the situation. In these cases, the partners were lucky since their loved ones were reckless and unintentionally made a mistake.

1) This dad thought he was being nice by giving his kid a chance to delete some “personal” videos that their home security camera recorded. However, apparently, that’s not all the security camera picked up. This ‘friendly gesture’ from father to son quickly turned into some familial blackmail, and this kid isn’t ready to settle for anything less than a new ride and a solid grand. You have to wonder just where in the house this security camera is located that it’s seeing so much action. Clearly, this father and son have the same hookup spot, and by the sounds of it, there seem to be multiple videos. The most disturbing part of this whole text message conversation isn’t actually the cheating itself; it’s that this father and son have apparently watched each other do the deed on screen. Let’s just hope that no one else has the code for the security camera.

2) Not only did this father cheat, but he also contracted an STD from his side chick. That’s a whole lot of confidential information to accidentally send to your offspring. It looks like this slip-up is going to cost a lot of money to keep this secret between him and his son.

3) If you’re going to text someone, then you better make sure that you check who you’re really sending that text to. This girl may have saved herself by blaming autocorrect, but she clearly didn’t learn from her mistake. There’s nothing she can blame that last text on except for her true lack of observation.

4) Once you’re caught in the act, there’s really nothing you can text anything back to fix it. This person may have thought they had their lie in the bag and most likely scrutinizing the text before sending it to make sure it seemed authentic. However, they should have really checked their surroundings.

5) Whoever got a hold of this girl’s phone may have had good intentions, but they didn’t end up doing her any favors. Clearly, this person wasn’t close enough with this girl to know who her boyfriend was, so maybe they just got tired of the phone buzzing on the table.

6) The recipient of the text may have managed to avoid getting dumped, but then again… she just found out that she was being cheated on. However, on the bright side of things, at least she may now have a monogamous relationship or just advanced to the next round of this guy’s roster.

7) There are just too many cheaters out there! We are hoping that Jenny is like a cousin or something. Maybe he’s heading to a family reunion; maybe he has family stuff too? However, chances are, if this girl has never heard of Jenny before, it’s probably for a reason.

8) A picture is worth a thousand words, and Snapchat photos apparently don’t lie. So Chelsea, who really owns the men’s boots? It sounds like she has some history of being unfaithful, and this guy isn’t ready to take another chance. Calling a lawyer definitely sounds like the final nail in their relationship’s coffin.

9) Nothing is worse than hearing that your partner had intimate relations with your own sibling. What a tragic event for Mark. We feel you, man. Hopefully, it’s just a coincidence that the man this woman’s having an affair with is also named Peter, not that it makes it that much better.

10) Well, he’s probably doubting her since she really IS cheating on him. So is she doing inventory in the bar or…? You have to be quite the confident liar to keep that one going, especially since it seems like she’s stuck to her lie even in during therapy sessions. The lie may be the only thing she is truly committed to.

11) Although it would be great to see this dad single-handedly end global warming, we think he chose the second option. However, we can’t imagine how this secret would stay buried when the father is explaining to his wife and other kids why his daughter is getting such special treatment.

12) Yikes. This guy didn’t even try to deny the fact that he was cheating on his wife. Unfortunately for him, his wife (soon-to-be ex-wife) isn’t going to be as nonchalant as he is. Hopefully, whoever he’s off to meet is worth it because his return home won’t be pretty.

13) Didn’t you hear? Chicken soup may be a little helpful, but the real cure is throwing dollar bills on dancing men. Now that REALLY helps clear up those sinuses. She may have been caught in a lie, but the more important question is why she was at a male strip club.

14) Guys have the ‘Bro Code’ while ladies have the ‘Girl Code.’ A good friend will not act as a homewrecker. Sorry, Josh, it looks like you got caught. It’s a pretty bold move to start hitting your girlfriend’s best friend out of nowhere, and one Josh will surely come to regret.

15) Do people still use the term ‘bang’? It’s crazy to see that some kids are willing to keep their mouths shut for a little bribe. You’d really think that you’d be a little more careful when having an affair considering a slip-up like this could jeopardize your entire family dynamic.

16) Unlike dating, you’re going to need some lawyers to end your marriage. This woman may have been happy that she wasn’t getting dumped, but she was shocked when she realized that it meant he was a two-timing cheater. I guess this guy still has time to salvage his other relationship, which hasn’t ended quite yet.

17) Communication is key! If you’re going to say you ‘cheated,’ then you better expect to see your partner jump to conclusions. Hopefully, this girl was smarter on her math test than she was for coming up with an excuse for her explosive response, or maybe her little sister is an angry caps’ locks demon.

18) James played along at first to see how far his girlfriend would go, but once she said she would break up with James the next week, that’s where he decided to beat her to the punch. If you’re going to have an affair, one thing this text has proven is to maybe not choose two people whose names start with the same letter.

19) If your boyfriend doesn’t care that you cheated on him, it’s probably not out of forgiveness, and it’s not something you should be too content with. This girl’s confession may have been because she misread the context of her boyfriend’s question, but it is a strangely emotional one to be about a test.

20) If your boyfriend doesn’t care that you cheated on him, it’s probably not out of forgiveness, and it’s not something you should be too content with. This girl’s confession may have been because she misread the context of her boyfriend’s question, but it is a strangely emotional one to be about a test.

21) Wow, this is pretty brutal and straight to the point! Tim is one painfully blunt guy. Shower a girl with loyalty and love? Ain’t nobody got time for that, apparently. Something tells us that this relationship has probably always been one-sided, but at least Tim’s honest about it.

22) This seems like a common occurrence for cheaters. Looks like nightclubs are the newest place to go to find your significant other cheating. Is it that hard to be a faithful, loving partner these days? Also, are these boyfriends and girlfriends going to these places out of suspicion, or are they guilty of the same crime?

23) This girlfriend knows how to hit her boyfriend where it hurts. Would you prefer to have your bones, heart, or Xbox broken? Tough question. If it was a matter between love and your Xbox, what would YOU choose? This girlfriend isn’t going to let her boyfriend play with literally anything else.

24) Come on, Uncle Joe, you should know better. How he’s going to explain why he’s handing down the Porsche to his niece/nephew instead of his kids will be sure to raise some red flags for the whole family. If Aunt Sara is smart, it won’t take her long to figure out what’s going on.

25) Looks like Mark is in for some double trouble. How does somebody get away with dating two different girls for over two years? Well, at least the girls will band together and form an alliance! Mark is about to experience the fury of two women scorned, and by the sounds of it, it’s not going to be pretty.

26) Obviously, Jacob is the problem here, but this situation could end up ruining the relationships of everyone involved. Hopefully, Hanna and Taylor decide to band together like the last girls and get some revenge on Jacob, but both of them seem a little too sure that they’re his girlfriend.

27) I wonder how long it took her to tell her dad. Not long, I’m sure. It’s one thing for a parent to let this slip to one of their kids but to a stepchild? That’s one giant mistake that probably won’t be solved with any sort of bribery.

28) When grandma sticks up for you, you know she messed up because grandma doesn’t mess around. And what is even worse is the fact that this girl cheated on her boyfriend with his brother! However, they should probably delete these messages to erase the incriminating evidence.

Is Text Messaging A Form Of Cheating?

Engaging in a physical relationship with someone other than your partner is obviously cheating. However, when it comes to emotional infidelity, it can be more challenging to define the boundaries. Emotional cheating usually occurs when your relationship has become stagnant or lost its spark, and you find yourself seeking someone to share your thoughts and feelings with. You might long for that exhilarating feeling you had when you first started dating your partner and reaching out to someone else through text messages can temporarily fill that void of romance, even if you're not fully aware of it initially.

Tech plays a significant role in strengthening our connection with our partners, making it possible for texting someone else to be seen as emotional infidelity. Friends, acquaintances, and even ex-partners can create obstacles in an otherwise harmonious relationship when they vie for the attention of one partner. With the ease of reaching out to someone just a click away, it's crucial to reflect on your intentions. It's fair to assume that if you or your partner are exchanging texts that you wouldn't want the other person to read, then perhaps this conversation shouldn't be happening at all.

Couples often have their own set of rules and boundaries when it comes to loyalty and commitment and what they perceive as a breach of trust. However, a texting affair can begin innocently without realizing the harm it can cause to the main relationship and the consequences it can have on the other person involved. Inappropriate texting can range from flirting and sexting to establishing intimate connections through text messages.

Moreover, emotional betrayal plays a major role in encouraging sexual betrayal. As individuals establish a deep connection and start to share their innermost thoughts and feelings, they naturally grow closer, potentially leading to a physical relationship. Texting can ignite a spark of attraction, as intimacy often stems from emotional connection. If there was already an initial attraction towards someone before forming an emotional bond, strengthening that bond could potentially result in physical unfaithfulness.

What Are The Signs Of Text Cheating?

It can be really confusing to figure out if your partner is cheating over text, but one way to understand the situation better is by looking at their consistency. For instance, if your partner is always on their phone and not giving you as much attention as before, it could be a sign that something is not right. Let's take a look at some common and unclear signs of cheating over text.

Changed Texting Habits

If your partner suddenly starts changing their texting habits, it could be a sign of cheating. They might become more secretive with their phone, constantly checking it or keeping it out of sight. Furthermore, they may act overly protective of their phone and delete conversations. These changes in behavior could indicate that they are hiding something from you.

Lack Of Interest In Intimacy

When someone is cheating, they often lose interest in being intimate with their partner. If your partner suddenly becomes distant or avoids physical affection, it could be a red flag. They may make excuses to avoid being close to you or show a lack of enthusiasm in intimate moments. This change in behavior could be a result of their emotional and physical connection with someone else.

Increased Secrecy

Cheaters often become more secretive in their actions and behaviors. They may start hiding their phone or computer screen when you're around, or they may password-protect their devices. They might also become defensive or evasive when you ask about their whereabouts or who they've been talking to. These signs of increased secrecy could indicate that they are trying to hide their infidelity from you.

Changes In Appearance

When someone is cheating, they may start paying more attention to their appearance. They might suddenly start dressing differently, wearing new cologne or perfume, or putting more effort into their grooming. These changes in appearance could be a result of them trying to impress or attract someone else. If you notice these sudden changes, it's worth paying attention to and having a conversation with your partner about it.

How Do Cheaters Secretly Communicate?

Cheaters are constantly evolving their methods to stay one step ahead and maintain their deceptive behavior. With the advancement of technology, they have found new and innovative ways to communicate without arousing suspicion. Encrypted messaging apps have become a go-to tool for cheaters, as they provide a secure platform for exchanging messages that are difficult for others to intercept or decipher.

Apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Signal offer end-to-end encryption, ensuring that only the intended recipients can access the messages. This feature gives cheaters a sense of security, as they believe their conversations are shielded from prying eyes. By utilizing these apps, cheaters can freely discuss their illicit affairs, make plans, and share intimate details without the fear of being caught.

In addition to encrypted messaging apps, cheaters may resort to creating secret email accounts or hidden social media profiles. These fake online identities allow them to maintain their secret affairs without raising suspicion from their partners. By using separate email accounts or social media profiles, cheaters can maintain a double life, compartmentalizing their actions and ensuring that their secret communications remain hidden.

How Do Cheaters Act With Their Phones?

Cheating behavior with a phone can manifest in various ways, and it’s important to note that not everyone who exhibits these behaviors necessarily cheats. With that being said, here are some of the most common actions that may indicate that your partner is cheating over text.

  1. Increased secrecy: Cheaters might start becoming more secretive about their phone usage, like being extra protective of it, keeping it locked, or getting defensive when asked about what they're doing on their phone.
  2. Change in communication patterns: If you notice a change in their communication patterns, like receiving more texts or calls from a specific person, it could be a sign that they're being unfaithful.
  3. Change in behavior during calls: If someone gets visibly nervous or abruptly ends calls when you walk into the room, it could be a sign that they're engaging in cheating behavior.
  4. Unexplained increase in expenses on phone bills: If there are unexplained charges or expenses on the phone bill, it could mean that they're involved in activities they don't want their partner to know about.
  5. Increased screen time: Suddenly spending more time on their phone or being overly absorbed in it could be a sign of secretive behavior.
  6. Defensiveness about phone usage: Getting defensive or agitated when questioned about their phone usage could be a warning sign of potential cheating.
  7. Unwillingness to leave phone unattended: Cheaters may become unwilling to leave their phone unattended, even for short periods, because they're afraid their partner might discover something incriminating.

How Do Cheaters Hide Their Texts?

Cheaters have a variety of methods at their disposal to conceal their texts. They might opt for messaging apps with disappearing messages, where their texts vanish after a set time. This cleverly prevents their partners from stumbling upon any incriminating evidence.

Another sneaky tactic is to create hidden or secret folders on their devices. Many smartphones have features that allow users to conceal certain files or folders, making it incredibly difficult for others to access them without the user's knowledge. Cheaters can exploit this feature to hide their text conversations or any other proof of their unfaithfulness.

In addition, cheaters may resort to encrypted messaging apps that provide end-to-end encryption. This ensures that only the sender and recipient can read the messages, leaving no room for anyone else, including a suspicious partner, to intercept and read them.

Moreover, some individuals may go as far as using burner phones or secondary devices exclusively for communicating with their extramarital partners. By employing a separate device, they can keep their illicit conversations completely separate from their primary phone, minimizing the chances of getting caught.

Lastly, cheaters may take advantage of public Wi-Fi networks or anonymous messaging platforms to communicate with their affair partners. By using these platforms, they can avoid leaving any digital footprints on their personal devices, further reducing the chances of being caught.

What Questions To Ask To Catch A Cheater?

When attempting to catch a cheater, using tricky questions can be an effective tactic. These questions are designed to assess the honesty and consistency of the person's answers, potentially uncovering any inconsistencies that may indicate deceit.

For example, instead of asking the suspected cheater what they were doing at a specific time in the past, you can phrase it as if it were in the future. For instance, you could ask, "What will you be doing at 8 p.m. tomorrow?" If their response appears rehearsed or doesn't align with their usual routine, it could be a cause for concern.

Another approach is to present them with a hypothetical situation where someone else expresses a romantic interest in them. For instance, you could ask how they would react if a coworker confessed their feelings. Their response and level of discomfort offer insight into their faithfulness.

Lastly, you can inquire about their personal values and beliefs regarding honesty and fidelity in relationships. Their response might shed light on their behavior and attitudes toward cheating.

How To Tell If Your Partner Is Lying About Cheating Over Text?

Your partner might be lying about cheating by attempting to construct a seamless story. Liars are skilled at storytelling. They will go into great detail and overwhelm you with all the little aspects of their tales. They describe everything so meticulously that it becomes difficult for you to believe that they could lie with such precision. 

On the other hand, some cheaters become very vague when it comes to providing details in order to hide their deceit. They might dodge questions or change the subject altogether. If your significant other becomes defensive when you ask them questions like "Where have you been?" it could be a sign that they are lying when confronted or trying to avoid getting caught.

The most frightening thing about lies that go undiscovered is that they have a greater ability to harm us than the ones that are exposed. For instance, after being confronted, your partner might suddenly start password-protecting their devices or always keep their phone face down. Instead of admitting to cheating, they hide their text messages and become defensive about their privacy. Additionally, they may avoid answering the phone when you're around or go to a secluded spot to take calls.

A deceitful partner will make you feel like there's something wrong with you. They might accuse you of being paranoid and insecure instead of just trusting their version of the story. Unfortunately, gaslighting often accompanies cheating and lying in a relationship. They make you feel guilty for their actions, causing you to question your own sanity because you're unsure if they're telling the truth. They may manipulate you to the point where you start doubting your judgment and sanity. Gaslighting is a typical tactic used to cover up compulsive cheating and lying in relationships.

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