Top 16 Countries Around The World With The Most Beautiful Women

Countries Around The World With The Most Beautiful Women

The concept of beauty is subjective. There are over 195 countries worldwide, and it is impossible to compose a list of the “top 16 countries with the most beautiful women in the world,” but we still make an effort. It should be noted that no matter what list you read, all the countries will differ because all women are beautiful.

We don’t mean to get preachy, but it is something that should be noted in all articles that talk about beautiful women. Talks of beautiful women in regard to appearance should always be taken with a grain of salt, but this does not mean that complimenting a woman on her appearance is automatically a bad thing.

In this article, we’re going to be listing 16 countries that have beautiful women within their borders. But remember this: beauty isn’t measured by your appearance, and diversity should be celebrated. Also note: no country outweighs each other in terms of beauty in this list; number 1 is not more beautiful than number 16.

1. Ethiopia. The women from Ethiopia are known for being tall with sharp facial features (cheekbones and jawlines specifically). Their dark eyes, hair, and skin are radiant and beautiful. They’re often well-known models in the fashion world, too (for example, Liya Kebede).

Liya Kebede

2. Brazil. Brazilian women are known for being social and for their love for travel and fun. Brazil is well-known for its African and Portuguese ancestry, so many of the women there vary in appearance and are quite diverse!

Brazilian women


3. Argentina. Argentine women are some of the most beautiful women in the world with their deep, medium complexions, dark eyes, and wavy/curly hair.

Argentine women

4. Korea. Korean women are well-known for their beauty as their culture puts a heavy focus on skincare and more natural-looking makeup. Therefore, what you see is what you get most of the time. Korean women take good care of themselves, so they tend to age well, too!

Korean women

5. India. India is one of the most populous countries in the world, so of course, it makes the list. Indian women are downright gorgeous, and they’re diverse in their features as well. Some Indian women have coarse, curly/wavy hair, some have straight hair, some have lighter skin, and some have darker skin. It all varies, and variety is beautiful.

Indian women

6. Venezuela. Venezuelan women are well-known in the beauty world for having won a variety of beauty pageants. They’re a diverse nation, like most countries in the Latin world, which means that their women have a diverse look to them.

Dayana Mendoza

7. Italy. Italian women are known for their tan complexions, big eyes, and dark hair.

Italian woman

8. Trinidad. Trinidadian women are well known for their extreme diversity in terms of looks due to the racial mixing on the island. The women here are downright gorgeous, and they absolutely love to have fun.

Trinidadian women

9. Canada. Canada is home to what the U.N. has labeled the most diverse city in the world as of 2016. That city is Toronto, so, naturally, Canada has some of the most beautiful women in the world from every background you could probably think of.

10. United States Of America. American women are also extremely diverse and gorgeous, coming from tons of different backgrounds.

American women

11. Australia. Though the history of how people originally got to Australia (other than the Indigenous) is kind of sketchy and a little scary, it’s now a beautifully populated country with a variety of beautiful, fun-loving women.

12. The United Kingdom. Yet another diverse country filled with a variety of women who all differ from each other in looks and personality. They’re known for their fashion sense and high education.

13. Philippines. Women from the Philippines range in skin shade and hair texture, making for a diversifying look amongst the population. These women are well-known for winning beauty pageants, acting, and modeling.

Miss Philippines

14. Russia. Russian women are known for their beautiful hair; whether it be blonde, brown, or red, they typically have very thick and long hair. Not all Russian women are tall, though; in fact, some are quite small! But they’re beautiful all the same.

15. Sweden. Much like Dutch women, Swedish women are known for being blonde, tall, and fair-skinned. But, more importantly,are known for being immensely sweet and well-educated.

16. Iran. Iranian women are fashionable, trendy, and smart. Their skin is a beautiful golden brown, and their hair can be wavy, straight, or curly. Iranian women are known to be serious go-getters who love exploring the world and are super friendly.

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