Scary Deep Ocean Pictures That Will Trigger Your Thalassophobia

Scary Deep Ocean Pictures

There are a lot of phobias that we haven’t even heard of. For every single thing that exists, there are people with an intense fear of it. However, thalassophobia - a fear of the ocean and the dark secrets it conceals underneath the water's surface - doesn’t really seem like an irrational one.

This is a common fear a lot of people have, even though they may not know what the phobia is called.

Even if you do not have thalassophobia, these pictures would probably freak anyone out. Isn’t a healthy fear of the ocean basically evolutionarily ingrained in us?

Can you imagine going scuba diving, looking up, and seeing a school of sharks over you? Would you just let the depths below take you or try swimming through them to the surface?

This photo may look like a diver on some alien planet. It is actually a diver underneath a thick layer of ice. We already feel panicked at just the idea of not being able to surface.

This one also seems like some nightmare-inducing drawing. Well, it is nightmare-inducing, but it is no drawing. It is the first photo ever taken underwater.

This is a sign in a popular cave that divers frequent. When your hobby produces signs warning you about your hobby, maybe it’s time for a new one.

This is called a ‘Garden of Eels.’ The photo was taken in Dumaguete, Philippines. That is one garden we really do not want to walk through.

This is called The Pit, and it is located in Tulum, Mexico. It is a popular dive site for thrill seekers. No matter how brave you are, to feel so small in such a vast space must be unnerving.

This may look like a nightmarish drawing, but it is an actual photo of a diver under the hull of a sunken ship.

The scariest part of the ocean is you never know what is literally just beneath the surface. It can look so peaceful and calm, but a look underneath and you see this beast swimming towards you. Even though wild orcas aren’t violent towards humans, we would not like to meet them in open water.

Whales are beautiful, intelligent creatures that deserve our respect. They should also be viewed from boats bigger than them in case of THIS!

This freaky thing swimming upwards, looking ready to swallow you up, is a massive manta ray that has been filmed with a UV light. Yes, get a UV light and make scary things in the ocean scarier. what an inspiring idea.

Can you imagine swimming through this? It is a satellite photo of a massive manta ray migration. Stay outta their way.

This photo may be the scariest. So many things could be below that guy in the dark water. Where is his boat? Where are the other people? WHY? We like the ocean with a coastline.

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