A Thankful Mother Writes a Letter to Her Ex’s New Girlfriend And Inspires Many Families

A Thankful Mother Writes a Letter to Her Ex’s New Girlfriend And Inspires Many Families

This year one young mother set an excellent example to so many families by writing a letter to her ex's new girlfriend, which went viral. Audrey Loving was 18 when she fell in love and got engaged to Corey Henry.

The young couple had a daughter together, and as it sometimes goes with young love, personal differences, and distance between them, they went their separate ways. Due to distance, Loving has full custody over their daughter Riley, but Henry is still very active in her life on the weekends.

It’s pretty common that once a couple decides to end their relationship, both parties will end up dating someone new. When this happens, there can be a lot of hostility towards the “other woman,” and sometimes, this even spreads into the minds of children in mixed families.

“I come from a blended family,” Loving explains. “I have stepsisters, half-sister. Growing up, I heard the negative talk about the ‘other woman,’ and I didn’t want my kid to hear the same thing.” Instead of allowing feelings about her past to warp her opinions about the future, Loving chooses to be supportive of Henry’s new relationship.

It would have been very easy for the two women to cause drama for one another, but instead, both of these women are setting a great example for blended families.

In the viral post posted on Love What Matters Facebook page, Loving said, ‘This is my daughter’s father’s girlfriend. I’m super thankful for her because she feeds her, takes care of her, and basically takes care of her like her own.” Loving also explained that she understood how it would be difficult from the new woman’s perspective, dating a boy with a child and learning to be a mother to a child you didn’t have.

The post has since gained 5000 messages from other women dealing with similar situations. Loving explained that she believes that a child can have two mothers because, in the end, it’s just more people loving them.

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